Women Choose to Travel without Men

Increasing numbers of women are choosing to travel without their male counterparts.

Women are opting to travel without men for a wide range of reasons. Some women travel independently following a break-up, while others desire shopping holidays that do not require apologies or guilt over spending habits or time dedicated to retail.

Some women choosing to travel without men and children want to capitalise on time to themselves, others want to devote time and attention to their health, while others are completely happy to travel alone or with the security afforded through group travel.

Travel Guard, a US-based provider of travel insurance, carried out research that proves solo travel is today more popular than it was a decade ago. Their research also showed that women are taking more trips alone than their male counterparts.

A survey of 5000 women, conducted by lastminute.com.au, found that 46% had taken a holiday alone.

Of those surveyed, 50% believed that solo travel would be rewarding and adventurous, while 25% reported that they would be too scared to try it. The remainder of respondents said they thought solo travel would be lonely.