The Unique Cultural Experience of the Adelaide Festival

South Australia justifiably owns the tag of ‘The Festival State’. Home to some of the world’s best and most respected festivals, South Australia – and more particularly Adelaide – is a brilliant place to be when the city is alive with festival action.

The Adelaide Festival is one of the world’s premier cultural festivals. It is the largest multi-arts festival held in Australia and, this year, will take place between the 1st and 17th of March.

Adelaide is the perfect city for festivals. As so many delighted tourists discover by taking an Adelaide tour, the city is the ideal size and has the perfect urban landscape for hosting an extensive range of events that showcase creativity and breed infectious excitement.

What is the Adelaide Festival all about?

The Adelaide Festival has been held for more than 50 years. Each year, the festival presents a great range of acclaimed theatrical productions, operas, internationally acclaimed musicians, artistic and amazing dance arrangements, respected writers and impressive and interesting visual arts displays.

When is it held?

The timing of the Adelaide Festival is perfect. Held in March each year, the events and atmosphere of the festival are enhanced by the warmth of the season and Adelaide’s clear, starlit nights.

The festival is timed to coincide with the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The Fringe Festival also celebrates and presents an amazing range of artists – including: musicians and comedians – and brings the city to life. The festival season in Adelaide is not called ‘Mad March’ for nothing!

If visiting Adelaide and intending to see more of the beautiful state of South Australia, perhaps through a Barossa Valley tour, Kangaroo Island tour or journey through the Flinders Ranges, try to time your adventure with the Adelaide Festival. There is no better time to experience the best of Adelaide and enjoy the electric energy that encompasses the city at this time.

An amazing contribution

It is not just the excitement and fun that festivals bring to Adelaide that makes a visit worthwhile. Festivals including: The Adelaide Festival, help to foster the growth of the city and position it as one of the world’s greatest festival cities.

Of course, the festival also boosts the city’s economy and is beneficial for tourism. Essentially, “The Adelaide Festivals collectively generate a huge economic impact, promote and encourage access to the arts and contribute significantly to the local and national identity of South Australia.”

Highlights of the 2013 Adelaide Festival

This year, the Adelaide Festival offers a full, varied and fabulous program. The program offers something for almost everyone’s artistic taste and interests and tickets at a range of prices can be purchased.

The hilarious production of ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ is enjoying excellent reviews and ticket sales. Apparently, this is a fantastic show not to be missed!

The incredible dance performance, ‘6000 Miles Away’ is also highly recommended and features one of the world’s best and most loved ballerinas, Sylvie Guillem.

The Adelaide Festival is a rich, varied and unique cultural experience that not only offers so many interesting and worthwhile opportunities, but also showcases Adelaide and the state of South Australia at its very best.

Each year, the festival program seems to get more and more varied, presenting acts of worldwide and local acclaim. If travelling to South Australia, timing your visit with the March festival season is highly recommended.