What You Need to Know When Travelling to Sydney

Travellers to Australia commonly approach their journey with incredible anticipation and excitement. They make lists of ‘must dos’ and ‘must sees’, which typically include adventures such as a boat trip on Sydney Harbour, an organised Melbourne tour, presence at a world-class sporting event, a trip to some wineries, swimming with dolphins and seeing Australia’s amazing flora and fauna.

All of these activities are very worthwhile when visiting Australia, but above all else, time spent in Sydney should be included and prioritised on the itinerary of every traveller. Sydney is a captivating city and, no matter what your age, where you are from in the world or what you want from your holiday, Sydney will surely impress.

In order to make the most of a trip to Sydney, there are some important things to know. These include:

Energy — Sydney has a magnetic effect. Acknowledged as a city that ‘…draws in anyone who’s got something interesting to say’, Sydney attracts the best musicians, actors, writers, architects, stockbrokers, chefs and so many other professionals, and the amalgamation of these talents has an impressive result. The energy of Sydney is inspiring and exciting and ambition, creativity, commitment and hard work are prized in this city.

Beauty — It is no secret that Sydney is easily one of the world’s most spectacularly beautiful cities. Its highlight is Sydney Harbour, while fabulous beaches and lush parks are definite assets of the city and its surrounds.

Food and wine — No global and thriving city is complete without a plethora of eating and entertainment options. Casual pubs, cool bars, modern restaurants and relaxed cafes can all be found in Sydney and provide a perfect balance of the indoor and outdoor, relaxed, natural and sophisticated. You can also expect that the fare that you sample to be of a high standard — in this town only the establishments offering great food, drinks and service survive and thrive.

Fun on tap — When you are in Sydney, there seems to be no end to your options of things to do and fun that can be had. Popular activities include a trip to Bondi Beach to frolic in the surf, indulging in a delicious Asian meal in the city’s vibrant Chinatown, either window shopping or giving your credit card a workout in the trendy and gorgeous stores of Paddington, enjoying a few (or too many) leisurely drinks in Balmain, delighting in coffees and delicious Italian fare at Leichhardt, trying to snare some tickets to a show at the Sydney Opera House and perhaps partying the night away at a Kings Cross nightclub.

No matter what your preferred style of fun, Sydney has something for you.

Stunning scenery — Even as you look out of the window of the plane upon arrival in Sydney, expect to see some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring scenery that you will ever witness. In fact, so many travellers say that the scenery they see in Sydney and that to which they are exposed on a Great Ocean Road tour are definite highlights of their time in Australia.

In Sydney, there is an endless number of locations from which to see incredible sights, but some of the most popular and amazing include the Manly Scenic Walkway, the view from Sydney Tower, from atop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (for the adventurous), on the cliff-top walk from Coogee to Bondi (and the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition that takes place along this stretch every year) and in Sydney’s completely stunning Royal Botanic Gardens.

Easy to get around — One of the best things for travellers is that Sydney is such an easy city to negotiate. With public transport options including ferries, buses, trains, light rail and a monorail, finding your way around is rarely difficult.

Sydney is a fabulous destination for travellers of all ages, backgrounds and interests. Each year the city welcomes visitors from all corners of the globe and offers them insight into the dynamism and fabulous energy that characterises Australia’s largest and most vibrant city.

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