Travelling Between Australia’s Capital Cities

One of the things that distinguishes Australia from other parts of the world is the space and distance of the country. While many people are familiar with the names and possibly even the locations of some of Australia’s capital cities, fewer people realise that thousands of kilometres separate some of these cities from one another.

Why take a tour in Australia?

‘The tyranny of distance’ can be quite apparent in Australia and so it is important to undertake careful research and put plans in place to negotiate your travels between the nation’s capital cities. There is no denying that Australia’s capital cities are amazing and well worth your time and exploration. To maximise what you see and learn, take an organised and professionally provided Melbourne tour, Sydney tour or Adelaide tour and be introduced to some of the most incredible sights and experiences to be had anywhere in the world.

Having said this, some of the best and most memorable sights and experiences exist outside of Australia’s capital cities and, for this reason, the journey can be the best part of the adventure.

What are your options when travelling between Australia’s capital cities?

Train:  Although train services between some of Australia’s capital cities are quite comfortable for overland travel (particularly when a sleeper cabin is purchased), some services are not incredibly frequent and involve a considerable number of hours of travel. For example, a train trip from Sydney to Perth takes a number of days, not hours. While a train journey exposes you to some parts of the Australian landscape and outback that are rarely seen otherwise, trains in Australia do not operate to and from as many locations as bus services.

Bus:  Various types of bus passes and fares can be obtained, depending on the budget you have available and the destinations to which you will travel. As with train travel, you should also factor in the time that is required to travel by bus from one capital city to another. For example, a journey between Adelaide and Melbourne is really quite manageable and does not take an excessive amount of time. However, a bus journey between Brisbane and Melbourne takes significantly more hours, not all of which can be comfortably spent.

Air:  In Australia, you are able to choose from a number of different airlines for travel between capital cities and many regional centres. Booking and purchasing your ticket well in advance of your date of travel usually enables you to secure fares that are as inexpensive as possible, but the closer to your date of departure that you book, the more you can expect to pay.

Be aware that while an air fare may not be quite as cheap as a bus fare or train ticket, you will be transported from one capital city to another in far less time and in greater comfort. While some people prefer to travel by road or rail for a variety of worthy reasons, air travel in Australia is often the best option for people who want to get from capital city to capital city as quickly, comfortably and efficiently as possible.

Other approaches and tours:

Some people enjoy wonderful holidays as they journey from one of Australia’s capital cities to another. For example, an incredibly beautiful journey, which takes you part of the way from Melbourne to Adelaide, is to follow the Great Ocean Road. You can stop and explore (and if you wish, stay along the way) as you travel this amazing road that takes in stunning coastline, national parks, charming towns and a great range of fun activities. Enhance your experience with an organised, interesting and highly informative Great Ocean Road tour and capitalise on the opportunity to see some of Australia’s most beautiful parts — which are found outside of its capital cities.

There are a number of options for travelling between Australia’s capital cities. Taking your time to explore areas outside of the nation’s cities is a great way to expand your experiences in this country, but if you need to travel between cities quickly and efficiently, options such as air travel allow you to do this reliably and comfortably.

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  1. We love Melbourne and have been there a few times last year! Cant wait to go back and explore more of the family friendly place…as well as Canberra, and many other places – like the Great Ocean Road, as well as South Australia and Western Australia.
    It is a big country and there is a lot to see 😉

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