Tips for Photographing the Dockland’s Fireworks

Melbourne’s Docklands has a fireworks display every Friday night during the winter months and many visitors and locals take the opportunity to capture some great fireworks snaps. Wolf Cocklin, a digital photography enthusiast, offers some tips for photographing fireworks.


Cocklin recommended a DSLR camera with a shutter mode and a timer mode option. He suggested that a tripod should also be used.

Planning the Scene

Cocklin said that the photographer should arrive early to plan out the scene and to identify the foreground, background, scale and wind and smoke direction. Arriving early also gives the opportunity for a few practice shots.


The flash should be switched of and the camera placed in shutter priority mode or the full manual mode. Shots ought to be taken at 2 to 5 second intervals. The lens should be set to focus to infinity and manual focus turned on.

Taking the Photos

Take a few practice shots as soon as the show begins. If the exposure is too long, keep adjusting the settings. Cocklin recommended both landscape and portrait shots.