Tasmania set to become an International Cultural Hotspot

The United Kingdom’s (UK) festival magnate Paul Gudgin has identified Tasmania as the next big international and cultural hot spot.

Gudgin, who has had two decades of festival running experience including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the City of London Festival, believes that Tasmanians should reap the benefits and capitalise on the success of its local festivals.

These popular festivals include such events as the Taste Festival, Junction Arts Festival, Ten Days on the Island, Festival of Voices and the MONA FOMA.

Gudgin also believes that if Tasmanians do reap the benefits of these festivals, then they could up their advertising weight and their festivals could become internationally known.

They are in a perfect position due to the variety of the festivals, and also because they occur at different stages of the year.

Gudgin shared his views on his visit to Tasmania last week to the hosts of workshops for Events Tasmania.

SOURCE: http://www.themercury.com.au/article/2013/06/07/380938_tasmania-news.html