How to Experience the Best of Natural Victoria

Of all the Australian states Victoria arguably has the most stunning natural scenery and green surrounds. With everything from amazing beaches to pristine national parks characterised by incredible biodiversity. Victoria offers something for everybody and their favoured type of natural environment.

Of course, much of the best of Victoria’s natural beauty is to be found outside of its capital city, Melbourne, but it’s incredibly beautiful botanic gardens and other gardens close to the heart of the city mean that much natural beauty is also to be found in the heart of the state’s capital city.

If you are visiting Victoria and are eager to experience the best of its natural features, here we list some of the locations that you are sure to love.

Great Ocean Road:

Visitors and locals alike testify to the fact that the Great Ocean Road offers scenery and an experience that is equal to the best you will experience anywhere in the world. Stretching some 243 kilometres between the towns of Torquay and Warrnambool, Great Ocean Road tours can be taken that give you insight into the area and introduce some of the region’s most picturesque towns, including: Lorne, Apollo Bay and Port Campbell.

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