How to See the Best of Victoria

Victoria is a state of incredible beauty and plenty of activity. In Victoria, modern architecture and innovation is juxtaposed with its classic and historic counterparts and diversity is celebrated in so many ways. Of course, Melbourne is a vibrant and dynamic city and is a must see on the itinerary of any visitor to Victoria, but there are many other fabulous parts of the state which are well worth a visit.

It is quite likely that you will have a limited amount of time when you visit Victoria. In spite of this, it is almost certain that you will want to make the most of your time and see the very best that Victoria has to offer. How can this be achieved?

Join tours:

Organised tours are the very best way to see different parts of Victoria and really engage with what you are seeing and experiencing. It is only on an organised tour that you can be guaranteed to see the absolute highlights and be provided with interesting and credible information that enables you to better appreciate the amazing sights that confront you.

So, what are some of the best day tours that will give you a taste of the best of the state of Victoria?

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How to Enjoy the Highlights of Victoria

If you are travelling to Victoria, you may be conscious of wanting to make the most of your time and taking every opportunity possible to see the best of what the garden state has to offer. The good news is that there is no shortage of beautiful and interesting sights in Victoria and many great ways to spend your time.

If you really want to make the most of your time and enjoy the highlights of Victoria, we recommend the following:

Be guided by the experts:

When visiting a new place, a lot of energy is channelled into finding out about an area, your options for travelling to and from the area and the costs that will be incurred. The majority of this research and planning is eliminated when you decide to see the sights through organised tour companies.

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5 of Victoria’s Great Cities and Towns

Of course, Victoria is most famous for its capital city, Melbourne – a dynamic and cosmopolitan city that is a truly incredible place to visit. As well as Melbourne, Victoria is home to the great city of Geelong and many fabulous towns that warmly welcome visitors.

1:  Melbourne

The second largest city in Australia, Melbourne is so often recognised as the most artistic and cultured of all the cities. In Melbourne, history and modernity are effectively juxtaposed – you can see classic and historical architecture matched with modern buildings and artwork.

By taking a Melbourne tour you will gain firsthand insight into the beauty, variation and diversity of this amazing city. Expect to see sights as famous and significant as the Shrine of Remembrance, Royal Botanical Gardens, Federation Square, Fitzroy Gardens and the Yarra River on which the city is situated. Not only will you have the opportunity to take many wonderful photographs, you will also gather many fond memories of your time in the city of Melbourne.

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6 of the Best Ways to Spend Time in Victoria

Victoria is a wonderful place to visit and a state that is characterised by diversity and dynamism. There is so much to see and do in Victoria that it can feel as though you should spend all of your time sightseeing. While there are some fabulous sights to see, it can also be a lot of fun to spend time relaxing in some of Victoria’s most beautiful locations.

What are some of the best ways to spend your time in Victoria?

1:  Day tours

Opting to join day tours is one of the best decisions that you can make. By taking a Melbourne tour, a Great Ocean Road tour, a Penguin Parade tour or any of the many other tours that are possible, you are able to not only see and experience a supremely gorgeous place and marvel at the stunning scenery, you will also learn plenty of interesting and relevant information about the area.

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4 Fabulous Features of the Great Ocean Road

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road enjoys international recognition as one of the world’s most incredible coastal areas. Not only is the Great Ocean Road beautiful and picturesque, there is plenty to do, see and experience in the area.

One of the best ways to explore or at least be introduced to the area is to take a Great Ocean Road tour. When you join an organised tour you really can relax and enjoy because all of the organisation has been done for you. In reality, you are left with the luxury of being completely able to relax and enjoy what you are seeing and the opportunity to learn about the area.

So, what are some of the Great Ocean Road’s most fabulous features that you can expect to see?

1:  Beaches

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5 Great Reasons to Visit Victoria in the Summertime

Australia is a brilliant place to be during the Summer months. The warmer weather and long days of sunlight seem to bring an atmosphere of excitement and relaxation that is conducive to enjoyment. Of all the Australian states to visit in the Summertime, Victoria is one of the best.

What is it that makes Victoria such a great place to be over the Summer?

1:  Climate

In contrast to some of Australia’s other parts, Victoria usually enjoys a slightly cooler and more comfortable climate. The good news for sun lovers is that you will still find plenty of sunshine and warmth that makes Melbourne tours and journeys to other parts of the state comfortable and a lot of fun.

2:  Great atmosphere

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6 Reasons to Take a Day Tour in Victoria

Victoria is a fabulous place to visit. Not only is it a state of incredible variation, it is also a place of great beauty, cultural and historical significance and modern fashion, food and architecture.

One of the best ways to see different parts of Victoria is by taking a number of different day tours. Melbourne tours, Great Ocean Road tours and Phillip Island tours are highly recommended and provide an excellent way to see different parts of the state.

So why should you take a day tour in Victoria?

1:  Get a taste of what Victoria offers:

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4 Great Sights in Melbourne and Beyond

Visitors to Victoria will quickly realise that there is an abundance of fabulous sights and attractions across the state. Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, is a culturally rich and beautiful city that understandably draws many visitors each year. An organised Melbourne tour is highly recommended, but, it is also worthwhile exploring other areas of the state.

Here we take a look at four of the best sights that you will see in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria…

1:  City of Melbourne

Melbourne is amazing! There is so much to see and do and it is great to experience the diversity and cultural undertones of the city. By taking a Melbourne day tour, you will see significant sights such as: the Shrine of Remembrance, the Royal Botanical Gardens and the important sporting grounds of Melbourne Olympic Park (home of the Australian Open tennis tournament) and the truly beautiful Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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6 Reasons Why You Will Love the Great Ocean Road

Essentially, there is nothing that you will not love about the Great Ocean Road. Not only does a Great Ocean Road tour enable you to take in some of the most beautiful scenery that you will find anywhere in the world, you are bound to find the whole experience relaxing and truly inspiring.

Many visitors to Victoria spend most of their time in Melbourne. There is no denying that Melbourne is one of the globe’s most dynamic and interesting cities and a Melbournetour is highly recommended. Such a tour makes sightseeing in Melbourne all the more informative and you can feel assured that you will see some of the city’s most prominent landmarks and significant places.

Melbourne day tours will introduce you to places such as: Federation Square, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Shrine of Remembrance, the sporting mecca that is the Melbourne Cricket Ground and of course, the city’s most notable shopping, eating and nightlife precincts.

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5 of Victoria’s Unmissable Highlights

The decision to visit Victoria will always prove to be a good one! This part of Australia is unique and beautiful and very much alive with a range of different events and activities. The great news for travellers is that regardless of the type of experience you wish to have in Victoria, your needs and aspirations can be accommodated.

While there is so much to do and see in Victoria, here we have narrowed the list down to five of the state’s unmissable highlights.

1:  Melbourne

There is no denying that Melbourne is one of the world’s most amazing and appealing cities. With incredible shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, museums and galleries, the city of Melbourne is indeed vibrant and characterised by diversity.

Without question, one of the best ways to see the city is to take an organised Melbourne tour. A Melbourne sightseeing tour will introduce you to some of the city’s most important, distinctive and recognisable features and will provide you with plenty of useful and relevant information about the city and its attributes.

A quality Melbourne day tour will provoke your excitement and interest in this cosmopolitan city and will, in all likelihood, inspire you to explore the city even further.

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