6 Sights Not to Be Missed on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, spanning more than two hundred kilometres between Geelong and Portland in Victoria, takes in superb coastal scenery, picturesque towns and amazing natural land forms. As a Great Ocean Road tour is undertaken and you travel this remarkable and memorable part of Australia, there are many sights that should definitely not be missed.

Here we take a look at six of the Great Ocean Road’s unmissable sights:

1:  The Twelve Apostles

When images of the Great Ocean Road are shown, the Twelve Apostles tend to feature prominently. Huge limestone formations that protrude from the ocean, the Twelve Apostles are located close to the shoreline and within Port Campbell National Park.

It is interesting to note that the Twelve Apostles were formerly part of Australia’s mainland and were created through erosion in the Southern Ocean.

2:  Beaches

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