Sydney Just Misses Out on Top 10

Sydney has just missed out on making the top ten cities to travel to in Travel + Leisure Magazine’s World’s Best Awards.

Sydney was named as the world’s number 12 city to travel to for leisure, primarily due to rating poorly in value-for-money. This has been caused by the high Australian dollar, which is currently 91 cents to the American dollar.

Despite this, Sydney is still a highly popular place for tourists to want to visit for its people and attractions. The last time that Sydney fell out of the top ten was in 2009 when it ranked 11th.

The current top ten cities this year according to Travel + Leisure Magazine are: Bangkok, Istanbul, Florence, Cape Town, Kyoto, Rome, Charleston, Barcelona and Rome respectively.

The awards were announced in New York, which is where Sydney’s current ranking was announced.

Despite its falling in the world rankings, Sydney is still the top city to visit in the World’s Best Awards category of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.