A Short Guide to Partying in Australia

If nightlife and partying are right up your alley, you will love Australia! In a word, the nightlife in Australia is ‘happening’ and there is an extensive range of options from which to choose, including parties, shows and events. No matter whether you want to rock on for the whole night or stay out for just an hour or two, you will find some great ways to party in Australia.

The great thing about travelling to and partying in Australia is that it is so easy to combine sightseeing and tourist type activities with party fun. For example, if you are in Victoria, it is highly recommended that you take an organised tour (such as a Great Ocean Road tour or a Melbourne tour that shows you some fabulous parts of the amazing and diverse city of Melbourne) by day and explore the party scene by night. Consult credible, easy-to-navigate websites and ask locals and other travellers for recommendations of great tours and fun ways to party.

Why should partying in Australia be high on your list of ‘Things to do in Australia’?

A number of the best events and parties take place in Australia. It is no secret that many Australians love to have a good time, and the party atmosphere at so many events and parties in this country is electric. People journey from all parts of the globe to share in the fun and excitement of some of Australia’s best parties and celebrations.

The New Year’s Eve fireworks that take place across Australia are a great example of this. Sydney enjoys particular fame and international respect for its New Year’s Eve fireworks display and celebrations and visitors and locals alike typically have an amazing time farewelling the old year and welcoming the new with countless others.

Australian cities such as Melbourne and Adelaide also offer some excellent nightlife options. Pubs, bars and clubs are on offer in all cities (and in many areas outside of the cities), some of which are immediately obvious, while others are far more discretely presented and decidedly cool. Australia is home to many trendy, world-class bars, nightclubs, theatres and hotspots that showcase great music and some of the country’s best wine and entertainment.

No matter what your persuasion, it is possible to find a party or nightlife option to suit your interests and provide you with very fun times.

Why is Australia such a great place to party?

Australia is quite unique in the way that celebrations and opportunities to party are available indoors and outdoors and at various times of day. Of course, the cities remain alive after dark, but there are many wonderful festivals and events that take place in the daylight hours too. Food and wine festivals are an excellent example of fun activities that take place in the daytime. Such festivals occur right across Australia and provide enjoyment as they showcase some of the best food and wine produced in this country.

The warm, temperate climate characteristic of many parts of Australia is also conducive to fun and partying. When it is warm, and particularly when it is summer, people tend to get out and about and the atmosphere is absolutely great!

Advice for safe partying

As with every part of the world, it is important for revellers to be safe while partying in Australia. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation and people are well advised to venture out with friends who will keep an eye out for each other. Certainly, partiers should be careful with their drinks and only accept drinks from those they know and trust.

Essentially, the same guidelines for partying safely exist in Australia as they do elsewhere.

If you love to party, the opportunities available in Australia will not disappoint you! There are so many ways to party and have a great time in Australia that you are sure to remember the fun times you had for years to come.

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