Sacred Image on Sacred Ground

Bushwalkers believe that they have stumbled upon a sacred image on sacred land.

The two bushwalkers believed they spotted the image of the Virgin Mary on the Bardedjilidji Sandstone Walk near the Arnhem Land Border at Cahills Crossing.

Murray Byfield, a cryptozoologist, claimed that now the image has been spotted, it could become a popular pilgrimage and place of worship for religious Australians or believers.

However, it is more likely that the image or spotting of the image was caused by a neurological tendency for the brain to look for familiar shapes, a phenomenon which is called pareidolia. This could also have been combined with the afternoon sunlight on the cliff face to produce the image.

The possibility of the popularity of the image has been compared to the Fence Post Virgin in Sydney, however the chance of thousands of people visiting the site for this reason may be slim due to its remote location.

Some tourists have said they believe the image either resembles the Virgin Mary or an alien, but that it was something they were interested in seeing.