Road Trip Tips for Families

Take a family road trip and you’ll avoid the stresses of the airport, says Travel + Leisure. But to avoid the stresses that you might expect from hours in the car with your loved ones, follow author Jamie Jensen’s top tips for travelling with children:

  • Look for suitable destinations together so that they feel part of the trip from the beginning. Include points of interest for them related to their favourite activities – maybe a local baseball ground or picturesque swimming spot.
  • Make the car a nicer place to be by removing the usual clutter and adding blankets and pillows for the journey.
  • Have a break at least once every couple of hours; Jensen says it helps driver and passengers to stay alert and pain-free during long trips.
  • Keep a look out for spots en route that may involve deviating from the itinerary but that will make the experience even more enjoyable and memorable for everyone.