Residents Concerned Byron Bay is Becoming too Upmarket with no Nudes Allowed

Byron Shire has long been referred to as the “Rainbow Region” and when you meet the bohemians that call it home, it’s easy to see why. Once famous for hippies, Byron Bay residents love their crystals, their bamboo clothing and happy pants and swimming in just their smiles.

According to The Age, one part of that lifestyle is now under threat, with the Byron Shire Council threatening to put an end to the towns only official “clothes optional” beach.

The move comes after it was reported that anti-social behaviour is ripe at the northern end of Tyagarah Beach, with claims of sexual harassment and illegal outdoor dance parties. It has also been claimed that some of the beach users habits are desecrating a significant indigenous site.

The idea that nude bathing could soon be pushed out of the town has further frightened its long term residents, who claim the council are trying to make the town more upmarket for the new, more conservative folk entering the region.

Once unique for its friendly bongo playing beach vibe, the council has recently insisted buskers must receive a permit before busting out a tune and the recent government takeover of the caravan marks has some concerned that Byron Bay will become unaffordable to those nomads on a shoestring.