The Rainforest Skywalk at the Gold Coast

If you’re staying on the Gold Coast, you owe it to yourself to visit the Tamborine Rainforest and take a stroll along the incredible Skywalk through the treetops. It’s a multi-million dollar structure that lets you see the rainforest in all its beauty from a spectacular bird’s eye point of view.

You start out at the Visitor’s Centre, which has a lot for you to see and do before you even head off. As well as a gift and souvenir shop, there’s the Birdwing Café where you can enjoy light refreshments on the deck with scenic views of the rainforest.

After you’re fuelled up, it’s time to take in the Rainforest Eco Gallery, which has a wealth of information and interesting displays on the flora and fauna found in the area as well as an aquarium containing many species of Australian freshwater fish.

Then it’s time to hit the Skywalk, and if you’re one of those people who doesn’t do well with heights, then you may want to only do part of the walk as there is a section toward the end that may test your resolve.

The walk takes about an hour at a casual pace, and covers about 30 acres of pristine rainforest. It starts off high up in the rainforest canopy – the home of native birds and sugar gliders. It then slowly descends to the middle and lower part of the canopy, where you can see butterflies in their natural habitat, tumbling creeks and rock pools and stop at a local history enclosure. There are plenty of rest areas along the way, so be sure to take your time and soak in the incredible sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest.

Then you come to the Cantilever, and this is where those who suffer from vertigo may wish to turn back. It is a 40 metre long span of the Skywalk that soars 30 metres above the valley below, affording spectacular views of the area. Once you cross this, the walk descends onto the rainforest floor and makes its way back to the Visitor’s Centre.

The Skywalk is pram-friendly so you can take the little ones as well, and the first 300 metres are wheelchair accessible. It’s a walk that you take at your own pace and no bookings are required.

To get to the Skywalk from the Gold Coast, take the Oxenford exit (Exit 57), or relax and let someone else do the driving on a coach day tour. This will allow you to see everything else this beautiful area has to offer, such as Tamborine Mountain’s arts and crafts precinct and the breathtaking Canyon Falls and Purlingbrook Falls.