Best Places to Tour in Southern Australia

South Australia offers a little piece of paradise for all visitors, no matter what you’re looking for. Long summers, stunning beaches and award-winning wine, events and festivals are just a few of the fabulous things the state offers. Not only that, but it serves as a gateway to the unique landscapes of the outback and all the treasures and adventures that await you there. If you’re planning on coming for a brief visit and you haven’t yet decided where to spend your time, read on to find out about some of the best places to tour around South Australia.

Kangaroo Island

With its dramatic cliffs, unique flora and fauna, and pristine secluded beaches, it’s no wonder Kangaroo Island has become the number one tourist destination in South Australia. You can enjoy the island at your leisure or take a Kangaroo Island tour either on land or under the water to discover the beautiful and natural wildlife sanctuaries. There is something for everyone here in terms of accommodation as well, as you can sleep in your swag under the stars at one of the many campgrounds, or find lodging in a luxurious spa hotel.

Barossa Valley

Just over an hour’s drive from Adelaide is the Barossa Valley — Australia’s wine capital. Here you will find award-winning wines, world-class cuisine and beautiful panoramic views. Not only that, but the hills and valleys are filled with rich history and beautiful local art, which makes the Barossa Valley a perfect place for a romantic getaway. There are also plenty of Barossa Valley tours you can jump on from Adelaide if you simply want to spend the day touring around and sampling some of the many fantastic wines.

Eyre Peninsula

The eastern side of the Eyre Peninsula is characterised by the calm beaches and warm waters of the Spencer Gulf. In contrast, the west coast has some truly impressive cliffs along with long sandy beaches that get inundated with the brilliant blue ocean water. If you were to head north you would find yourself entering into true Australian outback where the ancient Aboriginal lands have been treasured for tens of thousands of years. The best way to get around the peninsula is by allowing a guide to show you where to see the native wildlife, where to get the freshest seafood, and all the hidden spots that make the peninsula so special.

Fleurieu Peninsula

The Fleurieu Peninsula offers true Australian laid-back beach culture where you can have a go at surfing, eat fish and chips on the sand, and enjoy the sun with a perfect glass of wine. Of course, you can also get active by doing some bushwalking through conservation parks, trying your hand at fishing or spending a day cycling along the coast. If you have a moment and you simply want to relax and enjoy the sun, definitely pop down to the Fleurieu Peninsula for a couple of days of unwinding.

Flinders Ranges and the Outback

As you enter the outback north from Adelaide, you will soon come across the glowing red mountains of the Flinders Ranges. People come here to be at one with nature while bushwalking among the gnarled gum trees, spending time with emus and kangaroos by the campfire, and exploring the old ruins of farms left by the early pioneers. If you want to feel like you’re worlds away from modern civilisation, a trip to the Flinders Ranges will help you do just that.

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