Best Photo Stops on Australia’s Coastline

In Australia, there is no shortage of fantastic places to take photographs, and there is certainly no lack of stunning coastal scenery to inspire your best work. Whether you are a professional photographer or simply enjoy snapping nice pictures, the following are the best spots along Australia’s long coastline to stop and take a beautiful picture.

Ocean Beach — Strahan, Tasmania

About six kilometres west from east-coast town of Strahan is Tasmania’s longest beach – Ocean Beach. In all of its 33 kilometres, Ocean Beach contains platypuses hidden in the small beach creeks, a shearwater rookery, the Henty Sand Dunes and one of the most spectacular beach sunsets you will ever see. If you find yourself travelling towards the east coast of Tassie, then you absolutely must stop overnight at Ocean Beach, snap a few photos of the sunset, and enjoy some bush tucker under the stars.

The Twelve Apostles — Port Campbell National Park, Victoria

Along the famous Great Ocean Road you will find perhaps one of the most photographed features in Australia: the Twelve Apostles. These iconic cliffs in Port Campbell National Park are also home to some other popular and photogenic cliff formations, such as the Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge, the Arch and the Grotto. You can easily get to this spot either in your car or as part of a Great Ocean Road tour, and you can snap photos from the ground or from the birds-eye helicopter view. The late afternoon and sunset are the best times of day to photograph the formations, but sunrise will also give you a unique lighting perspective.

Cable Beach — Broome, Western Australia

Cable beach is a 22-kilometre stretch of pure white sand that marks the place where Broome meets the Indian Ocean. The stunning colours of Cable Beach have inspired generations of photographers who come to capture a perfect mix of the aqua blue ocean, the white sand and the bright red earth. Rock pools that contain octopus and other interesting creatures also punctuate the otherwise smooth beach, and the evening sunsets over the Indian Ocean are a sight to behold. There are plenty of Broome sightseeing tours that can take you to all the best spots on the beach, from where you can capture the perfect shot.

Great Barrier Reef — The Whitsundays, Queensland

There are few natural coastal wonders in Australia that are more iconic than the Great Barrier Reef, and there are plenty of great ways to take photographs here, such as from the land, under the water, and from high in the sky. The reef is a destination in itself, and if you’re looking to take some spectacular pictures of a world-class natural wonder, then you absolutely must bring your camera — your underwater camera, that is.

Cape Byron Lighthouse — Byron Bay, NSW

As the sun rises or sets on a pristine day in Byron Bay, you will definitely want to be watching it from the historic Cape Byron Lighthouse on Australia’s most easterly point. Since 1901, this lighthouse has been keeping ships free from danger along this rugged stretch of coast, and is blessed by stunning backdrops of dramatic cliffs, beautiful beachscapes and rolling hinterland. Whether you are looking from the land towards the ocean, or from the point towards the land, you are guaranteed to get some spectacular shots.

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