Peter Russell-Clarke Delights in the Goldfields

One of Australia’s best-known and loved TV-chefs, Peter Russell-Clarke, has returned to the Goldfields so familiar to him from his childhood.

Russell-Clarke and his wife Jan recently enjoyed a relaxing weekend travelling to Ballarat, Bendigo, Smeaton and Heathcote and enjoyed the delicious food and wine along the way.

Born in Ballarat, Russell-Clarke has very fond memories of his early days. He now finds it interesting that the buildings of the area have not changed and says that few of his memories have changed either.

The iconic Australian realises just how important history is to the story of Australia. He cites the 1854 Eureka Stockade as a formative event in Australian history and says that this rebellion reflected the Australian values and spirit of ‘fairdinkum-ness‘.

The Art Gallery of Ballarat is the oldest and most extensive art gallery in regional Australia and is a wonderful place to visit to witness some of Australia’s best paintings.

Russell-Clarke and his wife enjoyed the gorgeous fair and incredible wine at a number of the area’s wonderful restaurants. While the TV-chef recommends a number of restaurants that perfectly pair food and wine, he also reflects that some rules for dining (such as matching white fish with white wine) do not always need to be followed.