3 of the Best Ways to Experience Australia’s Stunning Coastline

Australia is renowned for its spectacular coastline and wonderful beaches. In fact, it is the Australian climate and its amazing beaches and waterways that draw many tourists to this country.

When you are on holiday in Australia, chances are you will want to visit the beach and possibly get involved in a variety of water-based activities. There are many great ways to experience Australia’s remarkable coastline and here we look at three of the best locations to visit and activities to do.

1:  The Great Ocean Road

Melbourne city is of course the best known part of the state of Victoria and a Melbourne tour is highly recommended while you are in this part of the country. However, if you want to see stunning Australian coastline, venture out of Melbourne and head for the Great Ocean Road which begins one hour east of Melbourne when travelling by road.

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6 Sights Not to Be Missed on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, spanning more than two hundred kilometres between Geelong and Portland in Victoria, takes in superb coastal scenery, picturesque towns and amazing natural land forms. As a Great Ocean Road tour is undertaken and you travel this remarkable and memorable part of Australia, there are many sights that should definitely not be missed.

Here we take a look at six of the Great Ocean Road’s unmissable sights:

1:  The Twelve Apostles

When images of the Great Ocean Road are shown, the Twelve Apostles tend to feature prominently. Huge limestone formations that protrude from the ocean, the Twelve Apostles are located close to the shoreline and within Port Campbell National Park.

It is interesting to note that the Twelve Apostles were formerly part of Australia’s mainland and were created through erosion in the Southern Ocean.

2:  Beaches

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How to Make the Most of a Holiday in Victoria

It is not difficult to enjoy a great holiday in Victoria. In fact, because this state offers so many possibilities and features that are conducive to holidays of all types and purposes, precious few visitors to this beautiful state fail to be impressed.

Doing a little research and planning your time in Victoria, before you leave home, can be a great way to ensure that you make the most of the time that you spend in the state that refers to itself as ‘The Place to Be’.

Be sure to see Melbourne:

Melbourne is steeped in culture and has a dynamic and interesting atmosphere. Often renowned as Australia’s most artistic city, it definitely will please those that have a passion for history, cultural pursuits and the arts. Equally though, Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s most significant sporting events, including: the Australian Open, Melbourne Cup and Formula 1 Grand Prix, as well as incredible food, wine and coffee.

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6 Reasons to Fall in Love with Victoria

What is it about Melbourne that so captivates not only locals, but so many people that travel to the city? There is definitely something about this amazing city that appeals and inspires a diverse cross section of people and sees them return again and again. Melbourne definitely has something for everyone and, by taking a Melbourne tour, you too can get a taste of the variation and inimitable style of this culturally rich city.

There is a seemingly endless number of reasons to fall in love with Melbourne and here we give an overview of six of these.

1:  Energy

Sometimes when you visit a city or any place at all, you feel its energy and atmosphere and know that it is a good place. This is the case with Melbourne.

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6 of Australia’s Best Destinations

When you are in or are visiting Australia, you will find that there is absolutely no shortage of wonderful places to visit. Australia is a land of contrasts and is characterised by variation and diversity. In short, Australia offers some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet and a wide range of activities and sights to enjoy.

Trying to cull the list of great Australian destinations is no easy task, but here we provide six of Australia’s very best destinations that have a rightful place on the ‘must-see’ list of every traveller.

1:  Melbourne

Recently voted ‘Australia’s most liveable city’, Melbourne is well worth a visit. If you love a blend of culture, history, sport, fashion, art, fine food, wine and coffee, then Melbourne is an ideal destination and what better way to experience this vibrant and dynamic city than to join a Melbourne tour? Many Melbourne tours allow you to experience the highlights of this beautiful city, complete with interesting information, the tips and recommendations of local people and a taste of the many different facets of the city that is, arguably, the most rich in culture of all the Australian cities.

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