A Guide to St Kilda’s Film Festival 2014

The St Kilda film festival has one main focus, which is to promote and screen the best of the Australian Short Film Industry. Every year the top 100 short films are selected out of hundreds of entries to be screened at select Melbourne locations, which are as unique as the films they showcase. In 2014, these include The Astor Theatre, Palais Theatre, The St Kilda Town Hall and Forum Hall at The All Saints Church.
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Snacks to Take On Your Gray Line Day Tour

Booking an organised tour with the family when you’re on holidays is a great way to see the best sights of any holiday destination. But with lots of walking and moving around all day long, it’s important to have the right fuel with you to keep everyone going. While chocolate and chips are easy to grab, they won’t necessarily keep you feeling full and satisfied all day long.

If you’d like some snack inspiration, check out our list of the best delicious snacks to take with you on your Gray Line Day Tour:

Packing protein – Getting the right amount of protein will help you to not only feel full, but it will also keep you alert. Try packing some salmon and avocado sandwiches or bringing whole-grain crackers with cheddar cheese for topping. Yoghurt is also a delicious, filling snack.

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Journey to New Zealand’s Bay of Islands

1,000 years ago New Zealand was first discovered by the Polynesian navigator, Kupe, who named the islands Aotearoa, which means Land of the Long White Cloud. After returning to his home, Hawaiki, he gave instructions on how to get to the islands but it wasn’t until 400 years after this that the Maori people arrived in Aotearoa and began to populate the North Island.

In 1642, Abel Tasman charted part of New Zealand’s coastline thinking it was part of the Australian continent. Once his mistake was discovered, the country was renamed Nieuw Zeeland. But it wasn’t until 1769 when Captain James Cook came to New Zealand and charted the coastlines of both the North and South Island of New Zealand that the Bay of Islands were given their present name.

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Why You Should Go On a Nerang River Cruise with Gray Line

Taking a cruise is a great way to explore the beauty of an area from a completely new perspective. When it comes to the Nerang River, one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in all it has to offer is by taking a cruise from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and Hinterland.

The Nerang River catchment is the largest and most important river system on the Gold Coast. Stretching as far as the McPherson Range and Springbrook Plateau, it feeds water to a number of rural areas and also fills two dams, the Little Nerang Dam and the Hinze Dam. These two dams provide much of the drinking water for Gold Coast residents.

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