Packing for the Harsh Aussie Climate

While everyone has different comfort needs while travelling, the harsh Australian climate necessitates certain wardrobe requirements that everyone will want to adhere to. Especially in the hottest parts of the country, there are many wardrobe particulars that will make the difference between an uncomfortable and a more enjoyable trip.

Whether you are taking a Kakadu tour, an Alice Springs tour, or you’re simply wandering and seeing the sights on your own, you’ll want to be mindful of the extreme heat that is waiting for you in the hotter regions. The following tips will help you create your packing list so you can stay cool and comfortable while travelling Australia’s hotter parts.


The most important clothes you’ll need for the hot daytime weather are a couple of shirts that are made from light, quick-dry fabric, as well as some light pants and shorts. Skirts and dresses made from light cotton or linen are also useful because you can really stay cool in them.

Of course, if you’re travelling in the hot and dry centre, then you also need to consider the fact that it gets much cooler at night. Therefore, you may also consider bringing a sweater and a light jacket, warmer nightwear and a pair of warmer socks. If you’re going to the hot and wet climes, you’ll want to add a rain jacket to that list! The fact that the regions are so different shows the importance of researching the areas you’re visiting to get a better idea of the clothes you need to bring.


Depending on the activities you’ll be participating in, you’ll want the proper shoes to match. If you’re planning on doing a lot of walking tours or backpacking, you’ll need a comfortable, light pair of running shoes. For the days off when you’ll just be relaxing by the beach or the pool, a pair of sandals, thongs or flip-flops are a must. Finally, bring one pair of nice, minimalist dress shoes if you plan on going out in the evenings or if you’ll have any other occasion to dress up.


Besides your regular personal toiletries, there are some others that are an absolute must for the harsh Australian climate. Namely, sun screen, insect repellent and some kind of after-sun lotion. You may also consider bringing some sort of pain reliever, a small bath towel and some travel-sized laundry soap so you can give your shirts a wash frequently.


While the clothes you bring are very important for keeping comfortable in the extreme heat, the accessories you have will make all the difference. For instance, having a hat and sunnies while wandering in the red centre will be important for protecting your eyes and head from the glaring sun. Throughout the day, having a hat and sunnies on will lessen your risk of heat stroke. If you’ll be spending a lot of time on the beach, a beach cover-up and a large beach towel will make your lazy afternoons even more enjoyable.

The more thought you put into your packing list before you head Down Under, the more relaxing and comfortable your trip will be. The sun and heat can be quite overwhelming at times, but as long as you’re prepared you can still have a really fun Aussie adventure!

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