Observing the Phillip Island Penguin Parade

If you really want to make the most of your time in Victoria and see something unique and special, the Penguin Parade that occurs each night at sunset on Phillip Island is definitely not to be missed.

Phillip Island tours provide visitors with a great way to experience one of the state of Victoria’s most beautiful, natural and memorable locations. Phillip Island is globally renowned for its surf, motor racing and rural beauty but of course, it is the amazing little penguins for which the island is best known.

What happens?

The Phillip Island Penguin Parade is, understandably, one of the most popular attractions in this country. As the sun sets every night, the little penguins that call the island home return to land and their nests after a day of fishing. The spectacle of these gorgeous creatures emerging from the water and waddling up the sand to their nests is incredible and can be enjoyed by all family members.

Make the most of the experience and join a tour…

One of the best ways to access the Penguin Parade is to travel to Phillip Island with a tour group. Choose a Penguin Parade tour with a credible, professional company and prepare for a fabulous night filled with information and amazing memories.

What is special about the experience?

Altogether, the Penguin Parade is a very special experience for people of all ages. The sight of the penguins making their way from the water to their homes in the sand dunes is impressive enough in its own right, but when you stop to realise that you are witnessing the behaviour of the world’s smallest penguin in its natural habitat, the experience is all the more incredible.

How do you see it?

The area is well set up to protect the penguins but also provide visitors with some great vantage points to see the penguins’ pilgrimage from the water. Timber boardwalks also provide good access to the scene.

At Summerland Beach, a 180 degree elevated view of the penguins is provided thanks to the tiered seating of the main penguin viewing area.

The Penguins Plus Viewing Platform offers a more personalised view of the penguins and is limited to 150 people. From this platform, visitors are positioned in a ‘high penguin traffic area’; essentially they are closer to the penguins.

The Penguin Sky Box is an exclusive, elevated viewing tower. From here each night, five people have the opportunity to see the penguins from the best seats in the house.

A Penguin Parade tour can also be very educational and interesting if you take the time to enjoy and learn from the interactive, educational displays found in the visitor centre.

Other points to note:

The Phillip Island Penguin Parade Visitor Centre has won the Gold Banksia Award for Environmental Excellence and is a Tourism Hall of Fame and Fully Accredited Ecotourism organisation.

At the Visitors’ Centre, gift shops, a café, displays, a theatre and toilets are available.

It is important to note that visitors are not permitted to photograph or film the penguins.

Phillip Island is a great place to visit and the Penguin Parade is a spectacle not to be missed.