Melbourne Tops Australia Traveller’s Best City List

A survey of more than 1,000 travellers chose Melbourne as the best city in Australia. Respondents to the annual Australia Traveller query voted Melbourne the crown, dethroning the 2012 champion, Sydney.

The survey had a variety of criteria’s. Winning cities were judged on their merits in a number of categories, and the results then compiled to determine the overall winners. Melbourne’s win hinged on such strengths as its growing economy, lively art scene, and world-class culinary offerings.

Despite Melbourne’s top notch cuisine, however, the award for best restaurant went to an establishment in Sydney. Quay, one of Australia’s most world-renowned restaurants, took home that honour. Quay is known not only for its incredible menu, but for its stunning view of the harbor.

Other big winners in the annual survey include Kimberly, in remote Western Australia which was voted as a Dream Destination and Daylesford, which was voted as being the Best Town in Australia.