The Man Made Wonders of Australia

While Australia is home to a diverse range of beautiful natural features and attractions — including beaches, national parks, rainforests and rivers — it also has many man-made wonders that are worthy of your visit. The great thing about travelling to Australia is that you can combine ‘natural’ adventures with visits to some of the country’s most amazing man-made wonders.

Sydney Opera House:

The building of the iconic Sydney Opera House was completed in 1973 and it has now been listed as a World Heritage Site. Arguably, the Opera House is the most instantly recognisable symbol of Australia. Seeing the Sydney Opera House is simply amazing at any time, but to see it while sailing the waters of Sydney Harbour is truly magical.

There is no denying that the Sydney Opera House is distinctive, and its concrete shells help to create a futuristic, while still functional, appearance.

Great Ocean Road:

There is something very special about travelling Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, and taking a Great Ocean Road tour provides a wonderful and informative way to experience this amazing route that stretches from Torquay to Warrnambool on the southern coast of Australia. In fact, this expanse of road is renowned as being one of the most beautiful and spectacular highways in the world.

The Great Ocean Road was completed in 1932 and is characterised by great variation and amazing sights, including breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean, stunning national parks, a rugged coastline and unique rock formations (such as the Twelve Apostles).

Sydney Harbour Bridge:

Another of Sydney’s icons is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the world’s fourth-longest spanning-arch bridge, which celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2007. The Harbour Bridge facilitates pedestrian, rail and vehicular traffic from two sides of the harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, a walk up the southern side of the bridge, is a popular tourist attraction and activity that offers amazing views of the harbour and all its activity.

Royal Botanic Gardens and Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne:

When you travel to Melbourne and take a Melbourne tour, you are bound to see the Royal Botanic Gardens and Royal Exhibition Building. The gardens are widely recognised as Australia’s best and are esteemed as one of the ‘world’s best landscape gardens’.

Another World Heritage Site, the Royal Exhibition Building was the display site of the World Exhibition and dates back to 1880. The dome of the Royal Exhibition Building takes its inspiration from the dome on the Duomo of Florence and the building continues to be used for special events.

Australian War Memorial, Canberra:

Visiting the Australian War Memorial in Canberra is a moving and reverent experience. The memorial to those who have fought for the honour and liberty of Australia is Byzantine-inspired and its four main sections (the Anzac Parade, Commemorative Area, memorial building and sculpture building) are all beautifully maintained and well worth seeing.

Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne:

Returning to Melbourne, the war memorial that is the Shrine of Remembrance is located in the King’s Domain area of the city and is patterned after the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Shrine is made up of sections dedicated to different wars in battles in which Australians sacrificed their lives.

During an Australian holiday, visits to a number of the country’s man-made wonders are highly recommended. These sights are not only amazing in their own right, but many of them also enable visitors to learn more about the nation and its history.

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