Learning Australia’s History with Tour Guides

For a nation that has only been around for a short period of time, Australia has already developed a rich and exciting history. Besides the 60,000 years of Aboriginal history, Australia’s colonial history is filled with hardship, hostility, genocide, triumph and tenacity, which describes life for both the original and the newest inhabitants. Everyone who comes to Australia to either live or travel should take the time to learn about the fascinating and sometimes dark history of this nation.

While there are plenty of great books that teach about Australia’s history, others enjoy a more hands-on learning experience, such as by taking historical guided tours. Luckily, there are great tours all over Australia that give people a detailed insider look at some of the best and worst moments in Australian history, so here are some tips for going about it:

Why Go on a Guided Tour?

In Australia, not only are some areas inaccessible unless you’re on a tour, but a lot of the interesting historical features of the nation are best known by locals. No matter where you go in the country, there will most likely be a tour available that can give you a professional account of historical events and can help you get the most out of places you visit in a safe, fun and informative manner.

How to Find the Right Tour

With so many tour options, it can be hard to know which tour will be able to provide you with the services you want. Start by narrowing down the length of tour you are after. Do you want a one-day Port Arthur tour? A weekend Kakadu Tour? Or how about a week long tour of the outback? Once you have decided where you want to go and for how long, all you need to do is research different tour operators in the area and read the reviews to find the best one for you.


Unless you have a specific region in mind that you want to learn more about, you can narrow down your choices based on what type of history you are interested in. If you want colonial history, check out cities like Sydney, Port Arthur, or Melbourne. For history of famous uprisings or rebellions, then you can learn about Ned Kelly at the Melbourne jail, the Eureka Stockade uprising in Ballarat, or the only large uprising by convicts in the Castle Hill Rebellion. To learn more about aboriginal history, you have a wise selection, from Alice Springs and the Blue Mountains to the Kimberleys and Kakadu National Park.


The best time to go on your historical guided tour will largely depend on the nature of the tour and your personal preferences. Take into consideration special days like Australia Day, festivals, weather and peak season. In general, however, there are great tours to be found no matter what time of year you come!

Taking a guided tour is a fantastic way to learn more about Australian history, as you can gain hands on experience and get the facts from local people. Australia is a country you have to see to believe, and taking a guided tour will greatly enhance your experience.

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