Being a Kid Again – On Holidays

New research has shown that adults like to recreate their childhood with their own children – at least when they are on holidays. commissioned and released a survey which found that 72% of Australians reminisce often about their childhood holidays, and 30% of those wanted to relive their childhood holidays with their own children.

The most popular locations that Australians wanted to relive their childhood at included: the Gold Coast, the Blue Mountains, Philip Island, the NSW South Coast, Geelong and the Great Ocean Road. Less popular locations included Mornington Peninsula, the NSW Central Coast, Mid-North Coast and the South Coast.

Most Australians want to relive their childhoods with their spouses as well as their children when sharing memories of their childhood family experiences.

An Orange resident who was interviewed, Immanuel Arena, said he thought that people experience things much differently at different ages, and claimed that his own wife felt the same way about walking down memory lane.