Keeping Memories from Big Events

A lot of planning, investment and energy is invested in many holidays and the memories that are created deserve to be not only captured, but cherished for years to come. In fact, holidays are some of the biggest events that people will take or be involved with in their lifetime. While your holiday memories do not have to be taken using the best and most expensive camera and you do not have to be a photography professional, there are some simple and easy tips that can be followed to capture fantastic holiday memories.

1:  Be prepared to capture plenty of shots on your Great Ocean Road tour

Just as you thoughtfully list and determine the clothes and other belongings that will accompany you on holiday, think about the photography and video equipment you need to take. Be sure you have plenty of room on your memory card to capture all of the special moments and memories from your Great Ocean Road tour, Melbourne tour, time on the beaches of the Gold Coast, the magnificence of watching the sunset at Uluru and the many other amazing activities and experiences available on an Australian holiday.

Your batteries should be charged and battery chargers included in your luggage. Above all else, do not forget to pack your camera(s)!

2:  Capture photos from the best vantage points

Some of the best snapshots of big events and special occasions are taken from unusual (and quite artistic) perspectives. While photos taken at eye level can be great, you can capture some very special memories by taking photos from positions such as lying or sitting on the ground, standing from above or taking the photo from a side angle. You are bound to be impressed by the variety and the difference that various angles can make to your photos.

3:  Don’t be shy of close-ups

Although there may be much activity or stunning scenery in the background, remember that some of the best memories from big events (including family holidays) come from close-up shots of people’s faces or close-up views of particular locations or objects. You will love to look back on images that show a child’s delight at seeing something amazing or the wonder that a family member experienced as they held a native Australian animal for the first time. The beauty of photography equipment today is that you can capture such images unobtrusively and subtly, so do not be afraid to tighten up your shots!

4:  Capture shots that tell the story

One of the best and most effective ways to keep memories from your holidays is to take photographs that explain the ‘story’ of your holiday. This means you include locations and people that can be thought of as the ‘supporting cast’ of your adventure. For example, you might include photographs of the neatly and carefully packed luggage with which you left home, the excitement and anticipation that was felt as you flew to your holiday destination, your children sleeping (and their satisfied exhaustion) at the end of the full but enjoyable days of your holiday, and even some of the wonderful meals that you enjoyed while away.

5:  Make it real

Avoid the temptation to have all of your shots posed. Some of the best photographs — and those that become favourite holiday memories — are those captured naturally and unexpectedly, but with expression of what was felt, experienced and enjoyed at the time.

6:  Consider how you will share your memories

There are many great ways to share your holiday memories and snapshots with others. Of course, social media sites such as Facebook and specialised photography sites such as Flickr present a popular and quite easy way to share photographs from your holidays. Being able to add captions and comments to photos and videos can also help to narrate your adventure and share some of the funny, sentimental or otherwise memorable moments.

7:  Back up

Holiday memories are precious and valuable. Do not run the risk of the incredible heartache and stress that comes with losing your precious memories; always ensure that your photographs and videos are backed up and saved.

Holidays are some of the biggest events and best times of our lives. There are some good ways to obtain and store great memories from your adventures that you can share and look back on for years to come.

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