Investment in Waterways set to Transform Gold Coast

A ten year strategy to upgrade the Gold Coast’s waterways and canals has been revealed.

Fishing Boating World reported that the Gold Coast Waterways Authority is looking to invest $32 million over the next four years to develop the waterways and create new social areas and points of interest for visitors.

The Brisbane River underwent a similar transformation with huge success and Hal Morris, head of Gold Coast Waterways Authority, believes the same thing could happen on the Gold Coast. His strategy, which is currently awaiting approval from the Transport Department, includes plans to site a jetty at Appel Park and run ferry services places such as Couran Cove. Morris believes Couran Cove and Sanctuary Cove are keen to capitalise on their waterside locations.

The ten-year strategy will raise the profile of the waterways with the intention being to make the canals and waterways as popular as the Gold Coast’s famous beach and nightlife.