International Events Guide for Australian Cities

Australia is home to a great range of high-profile and respected international events. For visitors planning a trip to Australia, coordinating your time away to coincide with a number of these occasions is a great idea, as you are sure to enjoy the electric atmosphere and be impressed by the quality of these events.

The international events that take place in Australia are indeed exciting and varied and include a Grand Slam tennis tournament, amazing fireworks displays for New Year’s Eve and artistic and cultural festivals. No matter your interests or passions, there is bound to be an event of international note and significance in Australia to appeal to you.

So, what’s on?

Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival:  There is a lot to like about Melbourne. Melbourne is a dynamic, historic and culturally rich city that exudes a charm and character all its own. For this reason, a Melbourne tour is highly recommended (as are other tours including a Great Ocean Road tour), but you only need to spend just a little bit of time in Victoria to appreciate how passionate about sport so many Victorians are.

The good news is that you don’t need to be passionate about horse racing or sport more generally to be enthralled by Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival. The carnival is as much about fashion and fun as it is about racing and the various days of the carnival draw people of all interests and from many parts of the world. Beginning in September and running until November, the atmosphere of the Spring racing Carnival is electric.

Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis:  Every January, the grand slam tennis tournament that is the Australian Open is contested in Melbourne. It is so exciting to be courtside or in the precinct as the world’s best tennis players contest this prestigious tournament in a supremely beautiful city and location.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race:  It may come as a relief to realise that you do not need to know anything about sailing to enjoy watching the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, which begins on Boxing Day every year. This race is synonymous with Australia and there is nothing like the beautiful view of yachts sailing out of the heads of the majestic Sydney Harbour; a picnic, barbecue or boat cruise provides the perfect way to witness and enjoy this spectacle.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks:  The warm summer weather is conducive to the happy and fun atmosphere that typically accompanies amazing firework displays and New Year’s Eve festivities right around Australia. Of course, the largest and most famous of these fireworks displays takes place at Sydney Harbour, and seeing fireworks explode off the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is just amazing.

Fashion Weeks:  If you love fashion and thrive on glamour, you will love the two largest fashion weeks in Australia, held in Melbourne and Sydney. Australia is home to some of the world’s best and increasingly renowned fashion designers and labels, and it follows that the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival held in March previews the Autumn/Winter collections of some of the country’s best designers, while in May, the Spring/Summer shows of the Rosemount Australia Fashion Week take place in Sydney.

Fringe Festival:  The Adelaide Fringe Festival enjoys global acclaim and every year (in late February and into March) draws some of the world’s most creative and brilliant performers for a few weeks. Adelaide and its surrounds are absolutely alive during this time and the range of theatre, comedy, music, exhibitions, performances and film screenings that occur in all sorts of venues (both established and pop up) during the festival are nothing short of amazing.

This is just a very small sample of the amazing range of international events that take place in Australia every year. Because Australia offers such an impressive range of events, it is well worth timing a trip to this country to coincide with the events that hold the most interest and personal appeal.

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