Independent and Artist-Run Galleries in Melbourne

Melbourne has some well-known and famous art galleries and spaces such as the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, the Ian Potter Centre, the NGV Australia, and the NGV International. However, there are many independent galleries around the city centre that make worthwhile destinations for those interested in art.

West Space Inc.

This gallery, which looks out over Bourke Street, has been running since 1993 and is designed to show exploratory, diver, and challenging art.

No Vacancy Gallery

Located in QV, this gallery shows work by international and emerging local artists and illustrator. The gallery also runs life-drawing classes several nights a week.

Platform Artists Groups Incorporated

This gallery is situated under Flinders Street Station and is the city’s oldest artist-run initiative.

Blindside Gallery

This contemporary art gallery is situated in the historic Nicholas Building and it showcases art in different types of media.

Chapter House Lane

This artist-run gallery is located right next to St Paul’s Cathedral, in a small walk-by space.