Include These Australian Destinations on Your Bucket List

Australia is an amazing travel destination, characterised by great variation, beauty and contrast.

When preparing a bucket-list of travel destinations, Australia should feature strongly.

For magic and mystery, Hanging Rock – located just 70 kilometres from Melbourne – is a must-see. In fact, this location is the epitome of a battered landscape and is full of mystery largely because of the 1975 film ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ in which a group of schoolgirls disappeared.

At Hanging Rock visitors can see beautiful birds, journey along walking tracks and enjoy a picnic in an amazing location.

Seeing and experiencing ancient Aboriginal archaeology at Kakadu National Park is hugely significant and an experience that will never be forgotten. In fact, Kakadu is a UNESCO World Heritage site as is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Australia’s rock art sites total more than 100,000 in number. North of Cairns, around Laura on the Cape York Peninsula, it is possible to see the most impressive and incredible rocky overhangings with vivid colours that are historically and artistically significant.