The Best and Most Important Meal of the Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Melbourne offers plenty of choices for delicious day-starting meals. Since there are plenty of choices on offer, knowing the top ten breakfast locations are important.

Breakfast blogger Anna Spargo-Ryan has named what she believes are the top breakfast destinations for Melbournians. Her decisions were based on location, menu choices and atmosphere.

Duke’s Coffee Roasters in Windsor offer a unique take on the classic bacon and eggs with bacon baked in honey and sugar and avocado hummus toast with poached eggs. The Pour Kids in Armadale offers dishes with puns as hilarious as their namesake.

The Trunk Diner offers incredible scrambled eggs, while Wall Two’s dishes can be smelt all the way down Carlisle Street and Lil Boy Blue’s menu is a work of art.

The Parlor Milk Bar & Kitchen offers crunchy foods with a touch of Mexican inspiration. Issus’ small location is deceptive, and Daniel Son in Murrumbeena offers inner city delicacies.

Spargo-Ryan also praised Happy River Café and Piccante Café for their child friendly structure and unique features respectively.