Hottest Australian Neighbourhoods

Travel writers in Australia’s major capital cities have reported on the most hot and happening neighbourhoods in their respective locales.

In recent years, Australian cities have been reinventing themselves to become more vibrant and chic.

In the Sydney CBD, George Street has been revived with many boutiques, small bars and high-quality restaurants. There is also a good selection of excellent hotels in the area.

Northcote, in Melbourne, is a little rough around the edges but that only adds to its charm. Northcote has an eclectic feel but is still true to its roots, as is evidenced though the Greek and Italian delis, cafes and artisan factories in the area.

Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley Fringe offers a range of urban delights that are characteristic of an inner-city. The James Street precinct is particularly interesting and there is no shortage of enjoyable ways to spend a long weekend.

The West End laneways are significant in the new culture and atmosphere of the city of Adelaide. Peel Street and Leigh Street are parallel laneways and are where many of the city’s best new restaurants and bars can be found. They also provide a space perfect for the city’s pop-up scene and many highly creative people.