Must See Historical Sites in Australia

If you are visiting Australia, there are a number of historical sites that thoroughly deserve to be featured on your list of ‘must-see’ locations. Australia has a rich history that encompasses both the history of the country’s indigenous people and the more recent history that began with white settlement in Australia.

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No matter whether you are taking a Melbourne tour, a journey through the outback or finding out about Australia’s maritime history, you are sure to learn interesting facts and information and enjoy a range of experiences that provide insight into the fabric of this nation.

When visiting Australia, what are some of the historical sites that are essential to see?

Port Arthur:  The historic site of Port Arthur is found in Tasmania and was a prison for convicts. In fact, this notorious site is recognised as one of the best preserved of Australia’s convict settlements, and one of the world’s most significant sites of the convict era. Visitors to Port Arthur can also engage in activities and be fascinated through the power of storytelling that help to connect visitors with the history and culture of Australia.

In 1996, the Port Arthur massacre occurred at the site and resulted in the deaths of 35 people and wounding of 23 others. This incredibly sad part of Australia’s history can be reflected upon when visiting Port Arthur.

Camden Park House:  Found on the outskirts of Sydney, in the suburb of Camden. This historic residence is the oldest in Australia and is occupied by the descendants of its founders, John and Elizabeth Macarthur. The historical significance of this house is that John Macarthur was the founder of the wool industry in Australia — an industry that has been so important in this country for many years.

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat:  When visiting Victoria, time in Melbourne and a Great Ocean Road tour should definitely be must dos (and are activities that expose visitors to some of the state’s history), but in order to better appreciate the impacts of the gold rushes, a visit to Sovereign Hill in the town of Ballarat is essential.

At Sovereign Hill, visitors can learn about and experience what life was like in Australia and how the gold rushes changed the country, helping to shape it into the multicultural nation that it is today. Moreover, visitors to Sovereign Hill have the opportunity to understand more about the events of the Eureka Stockade, which took place on Bakery Hill in 1854 and in which gold miners rebelled against British colonial authority. With a variety of hands-on and interactive experiences, this site offers plenty to see, do and experience for people of all ages.

War Memorial, Canberra:  Located in Canberra, Australia’s capital city, the Australian War Memorial is an impressive museum commemorating all Australians who lost their lives in war. This memorial acknowledges and pays respect to members of all of Australia’s armed forces and its supporting organisations.

The Australian War Memorial was opened in 1941 and includes the national military museum. Well worth a visit and offering a great range of hands-on, interactive and interesting activities, this site is internationally renowned as being one of the most significant memorials of its type anywhere in the world.

Kakadu National Park: A site of immense historical and cultural significance, Kakadu National Park provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about the culture and history of Aboriginal people and see their ancient rock paintings.

Australia is home to many important historical sites. Many of these locations and attractions enable an active and interesting learning experience, and will certainly leave the visitor with amazing memories.

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