Saying Goodbye to the Monorail

Sydney residents and commuters queued up to ride the monorail on its final journeys.

After being built in the eighties, the monorail is being dismantled in August after twenty-five years of running.

Train enthusiasts and photographers were also out-and-about to take one last look, as well as taking photographs to capture the monorail image forever.

The profits from the tickets are to go to several charities which include: Camp Quality, Make-A-Wish Australia, The Children’s Hospital Westmead and Youth Off The Streets. It is estimated that each charity will received around $10,000 each.

A section of the track as well as two carriages will go on display at the Powerhouse Museum as a tribute to its history, while the remainder of the track and the monorail will be recycled after its dismantlement.

The queues were so long that it was hard to get a seat during the day, despite there being torrential rain on the day, with the last loop being completed at 9.30pm.