Foodies in Heaven in Tasmania

For those whole love fine food, there is no better destination than Tasmania.

In this beautiful part of Australia, amazing produce and delectable food such as Black Devil cherries, fresh cracked oysters, goat and cow cheeses, and fillets of wallaby are readily available.

Some people’s perceptions of Tasmania are of an untamed place perfect for those who seek dangerous treks or somewhere that served as a place to keep convicts in the 19th century.

Tasmania is far more than this. In fact, a foodie revolution has taken place on the island.

Increasingly, people are recognising the beauty and quality of Tasmania including its fresh and delicious produce, its incredible wines and talented chefs.

Refreshingly, much of Tasmania’s produce is organic, because of a lack of major industrial farms on the island. In fact, people on Bruny Island still talk about trading vegetables for fresh eggs or exchanging pork for salmon.

Locals explain that this was just how they were raised. They now know that people travel to Tasmania from across the world to experience what local people have always done.

Throughout Tasmania and in its capital city of Hobart, food is key and many wonderful cafes, restaurants and food options can be found.