Five Fabulous Features of Melbourne

There is a lot to love about Melbourne. Not only has this cosmopolitan and multicultural city recently been re-confirmed as the most liveable of the Australian cities, it is a city made up of predominantly proud people who love where they live.

A Melbourne tour will reveal and enlighten you to some of Melbourne’s highlights and aspects of the city that will delight people of all walks of life and varying interests. You could spend a significant amount of time exploring this amazing city and while there are many sights worth seeing and experiencing, here we narrow the list down to five of Melbourne’s most fabulous features.

1:  Architecture and streetscapes

Architecture of the Victorian era can readily be seen in many parts of Melbourne. However, what is most interesting about Melbourne is that both old and new architectural forms can sit side by side and successfully compliment each other.

Many of the capital city’s streetscapes are elegant and sophisticated and help to project the charm and appeal of Melbourne. Explore Melbourne’s many laneways too — they are not to be missed and are a unique feature of the city.

2:  Cultural features

In Melbourne, there is absolutely no shortage of museums, art galleries and theatres and, in part, these have led to Melbourne earning the reputation of the most cultured, enlightened and sophisticated of all the Australian cities.

If you are interested in finding out about Victoria’s and Australian history, as well as contemporary lifestyles and approaches, then the institutions and museums of Victoria will not disappoint.

3:  Dining

Melbourne is often referred to and respected as the food capital of Australia. You will find some of the country’s most wonderful restaurants and cafes in Melbourne and the local produce (that is so often used in local restaurants) is frequently of the highest quality.

The cuisine on offer in Melbourne reflects not only the sophistication and style with which Melburnians tend to approach food, but also the multicultural nature of this dynamic city.

4:  Fashion

As well as being the food capital of Australia, Melbourne is also renowned for being the country’s fashion and style capital. In Melbourne, you will find some incredible stores – ranging from designer labels to mainstream and department stores to fabulous markets featuring up and coming designers. Also, the city includes a number of famous and respected shopping precincts.

In Melbourne, more than any other part of Australia, you will find something unique and different when it comes to fashion. Melburnians take fashion seriously and, the state is generally encouraging of innovation. With events such as the Spring Racing Carnival featuring prominently on the Melbourne sporting calendar, the fashions and millinery are world class and available in extensive variety.

5:  Passion for sport

Melbourne is home to many of the country’s most important sporting events, such as: the Australian Open tennis tournament, a Formula One car race and the Spring Racing Carnival. The Australian Football League (AFL) also has its headquarters in Melbourne and the matches played in many of Melbourne’s impressive sports grounds evoke incredible passion.

Even if you are not a die-hard sports fan, seeing a sporting match or event in Melbourne is definitely worthwhile. If nothing else, you will be captivated by the atmosphere and enthusiasm of the people that you meet.

Victoria is a wonderful place to visit and while Great Ocean Road tours and time in other parts of the state should be on every visitor’s itinerary, plenty of time should be allocated to the fabulous features and sights of Melbourne.

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