Exploring the Yarra Valley Wine Region

Experience the best of the Yarra Valley with a tour of this popular wine region. The Giant Steps winery, located outside Melbourne, likes to do things differently. For a start, it’s not just about the wine: there’s also tea, coffee and pastries to savour on site. Then there are the cheeses, beers from as far afield as Spain and even handmade chocolates for sale. It all lacks pretension, which owner Phil Sexton says is exactly their aim.

The Yarra’s biggest wine producer, De Bortoli, operates a similar business model. The casual dining experience offered at their Locale restaurant contrasts with the formality of the setting.

For a different side of the Yarra’s wine heritage, Travel + Leisure‘s Bruce Schoenfeld visited the Yarra Yering winery, which in operation since 1973. Here, the first wines remain prosaically named Dry Red Wine No. 1 and Dry Red Wine No. 2. The tasting room may be starkly decorated but it is the location for a remarkable sampling session.