Exploring the Hidden Streets of Melbourne

One of the best experiences you can have when you visit Victoria is spending time wandering the streets and exploring the fascinating laneways of its capital city, Melbourne. Melbourne has a charm and energy all of its own and is renowned as a truly cosmopolitan, culturally rich and dynamic city.

Find your way with a Melbourne tour:

A Melbourne tour is definitely recommended as a way to gain your bearings and a sense of the city. Just as organised tours, such as a Great Ocean Road tour or a Phillip Island tour, can give you a feel for particular regions of Victoria, an organised and professionally provided tour of Melbourne will provide you with interesting information about the city and introduce you to locations and features you will want to explore in greater depth in your own time.

Melbourne is definitely a destination of choice in Australia. Here we provide tips for making the most of your time in Melbourne and exploring the city’s streets to your best advantage.

Do not miss Melbourne’s laneways…

The streets of Melbourne are interspersed with a series of charming and completely intriguing laneways. All too often, this network of laneways is missed by tourists who stick to the main arterials of the city; this is a shame because Melbourne’s laneways are home to an amazing selection of bars, restaurants, cafes, galleries and boutiques.

In fact, Melbourne’s laneways are dearly loved and a great source of pride in the city because it is down these narrow lanes that mainstream culture is largely suspended and quirky, unique, tiny and hidden establishments can be found.

A walk through Melbourne’s laneways is fascinating and fun. Keep an eye out for (and enjoy your exploration of) DeGraves Street, Hardware Lane, Centre Place, The Causeway and Hosier Lane.

Stroll the streets…

The city of Melbourne follows a grid-like formation and is therefore quite easy to negotiate. While it does have some hills, it is quite easy to negotiate on foot.

If you love shopping — either actual shopping or window shopping — be sure not to miss Bourke Street (where the Bourke Street Mall can be found as well as access to other great shopping venues, including Melbourne Central). If high-end fashion, brands and labels are your thing, spend time exploring Collins Street and marvelling at the beautiful stores and fashions that you see.

Swanston Street, which runs straight through the centre of the city, is an interesting and vibrant street to explore. This street is home to hotels, offices, restaurants, bars and shops and is always bustling with pedestrians and trams.

By following Swanston Street from La Trobe Street and through the city centre, you will soon find yourself by the iconic Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and Yarra River. This is a great place to stop, spend some time people watching and take in the energy of the city.

City Maps and Organised Walks…

It is worth picking up or investing in a map of the city of Melbourne in order to understand the geography and track down some of the highlights of the city streets. Alternatively, some specialised apps are now available to assist you with exploration of this great city.

Melbourne is a fabulous city and one of the best ways to spend time and maximise your enjoyment while visiting is to explore the myriad of streets and lanes that make up this dynamic and appealing location.

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