How to Experience the Charm of Melbourne

When you visit Victoria, there is absolutely no shortage of amazing things to do. You would be well advised to take a Great Ocean Road tour, spend time wine tasting in the Yarra Valley and visit the Mornington Peninsula. However, one thing that you absolutely must not miss when visiting Victoria is spending time exploring its charming capital city, Melbourne.

Melbourne has something for everyone, regardless of their interests and holiday aspirations. Melbourne blends old and new, modern and retro, mainstream and alternative. While it is possible to make your own way around this intriguing and captivating city, spending time on a Melbourne tour is a great way to see the city and experience its pervading charm.

When visiting the city of Melbourne, there are a number of things that you should be committed to seeing. Here we give an overview of the best of these.

Shopping arcades:  Even if you are not a mad keen shopper, you will be fascinated by Melbourne’s arcades, often claimed to be the best arcades in Australia. These arcades include shops that are quaint and historic as well as on trend and highly contemporary. As well as shops, gorgeous cafes serving delectable food and top quality coffee can be found and the cosy atmosphere draws in many a local and visitor.

While there are many arcades to see and experience, the Block Arcade is most famous and well worth the visit.

Southbank:  Positioned along the Yarra River, Southbank has been one of Melbourne’s central attractions for a number of years now. Foodcourts, pubs, bars and mainstream shops are located alongside wonderful restaurants, boutiques, stylish bars and nightclubs.

One of the Southbank’s most notable and famous features is the Crown Casino and entertainment complex. A major entertainment venue and centre, the Crown is worth the visit, even if you are not wild about casinos.

St Kilda:  Part of Melbourne’s charm and appeal is the variation that it offers and St Kilda is one such location that includes a range of different features. One of Melbourne’s bayside suburbs, St Kilda is a beachside setting that is historic, charming, filled with beautiful restaurants and cafes, pubs and bars and is home to Acland Street – a street that is famous for its cake shops; stroll along this street and see if you can resist the temptation!

The St Kilda Botanic Gardens are also well worth a visit and spending time just relaxing and taking in the atmosphere of this fabulous area is well worth your while.

Gardens:  frequently coined as the ‘Garden State’, Melbourne has some of the finest and most impressive gardens in all of the world. In fact, the location of many of these gardens within one kilometre of the CBD, adds to their beauty and appeal.

On a beautiful day, do not miss the Royal Botanic Gardens – you will not be disappointed!

Food and wine:  Melbourne is often touted as the culinary capital of Australia. While this is a contentious title, there is no denying that Melbourne offers some food, coffee and wine of incredible quality and restaurants and bars of world standard.

Do yourself a favour and set aside plenty of time to enjoy the food, wine and coffee of this beautiful city.

Melbourne is a charming and appealing city that remains a favourite with many travellers. Melburnians are justifiably proud of their city and recommend that visitors spend time experiencing the charm and beauty that exudes in the capital city of Victoria.

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