Essential Items for a Great Ocean Road Adventure

The Great Ocean Road is truly one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Whether you are driving in your own car or taking a Great Ocean Road tour, this lovely meander will take your breath away as you pass by the imposing ocean cliffs of Port Campbell National Park, through the lush green forest of Otway National Park, and past some of the most spectacular views of the ocean you’ll ever see. To make the most out of this magnificent drive, you’ll want to take a few days to see it all and bring some of the following essential items.

A Great Ocean Road tour map

There are so many spectacular sights to see along the Great Ocean Road that it would be easy to miss some of them if you didn’t have a proper map. To get a useful map that outlines all of the best points of interest, check out a visitor information centre before you head out. Make sure to circle any highlights you don’t want to miss, such as Bells Beach, Apollo Bay, Otway Lighthouse, Otway National Park and the Twelve Apostles.

Your camera

The last thing you want to forget for this scenic drive is your camera! You will be so amazed by all the fabulous sights that you won’t even want to put your camera down. Wildlife spotting along the Great Ocean Road is as easy as pulling over and having a look, and if you watch carefully, you’ll see plenty of brightly coloured birds, koalas and wombats. You’ll also want to snap a few photos of yourself at the Twelve Apostles, the London Bridge and the Otway Lighthouse.

Your hiking shoes

Along the entire stretch of highway, there are plenty of great spots to stop and do some bushwalking. In fact, the Great Ocean Walk is a trail that stretches the length of the road and allows bushwalkers to enjoy the trip from a very unique perspective. If you’re only passing through, however, you can still meander down sections of the trail that will take you up into Otway National Park to see the lush rainforest and impressive waterfalls, or down onto some of the beaches. There are walks of all difficulty levels everywhere along the road, so even if you are on a short Great Ocean Road day tour you can still get away for a quick jaunt while the bus is stopped.

Your sense of adventure

There are a lot of fun, adrenaline-inducing activities to do along the Great Ocean Road, so be sure to bring your sense of adventure! From the 25-metre high tree top walk in Otway National Park and the helicopter rides overtop of the Twelve Apostles to boat charters that can take you out to the shipwreck coast from Port Campbell, there is no shortage of action-packed fun along the way. That’s not even to mention all the scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, surfing and wind sailing you could do in your spare time!

There is no other place in the world quite like this stunning stretch of coastline, so make sure you come prepared to truly enjoy it’s magnificence.

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