How to Enjoy the Variety of Victoria

When you visit Victoria, it is a great idea to take in as many experiences and as the state’s variation as possible. Victoria is a state that is characterised by natural beauty, a truly cosmopolitan and dynamic capital city and some of the best cuisine, coffee and wine found anywhere in the world.

Take in the natural beauty of Victoria…

If you want to see and understand the magnificence of the natural features of Victoria, there is no better way than to take a Great Ocean Road tour. The Great Ocean Road runs against some of the most spectacularly beautiful coastline that you will see anywhere in the world and is flanked by stunning beaches, national parks and gorgeous towns.

It is possible to tour the Great Ocean Road for just one day, or to take a tour that sees you spend one night in the area. Both are great options and provide the access that you need to appreciate the area. Of course, with the information and recommendations provided by an experienced and knowledgeable guide, your experience is enriched and all the more interesting.

If you tour to no other part of Victoria, outside of Melbourne, be sure that it is the Great Ocean Road that you see. This part of Victoria is enchanting and appealing and has something for families and people of all ages and interests.

Enjoy the charm of Melbourne…

Melburnians are understandably very proud of their city. With a distinctly European and very cultured feel, Melbourne is always an enjoyable place to visit and is city where there is always something to see or do and always something new to experience.

In order to take in the highlights of this great city, a Melbourne tour is strongly recommended. Melbourne day tours enable you to learn more about the city while being comfortably taken to its most significant, interesting and sought after parts. It is also worthwhile noting that many Melbourne day trips take you to parts of the city that only locals know about…when you are visiting a city it is great to have this ‘insider’s knowledge’.

Together with some amazing museums, galleries, sporting arenas, gardens, public spaces and a fabulous zoo, Melbourne is renowned as the shopping capital of Australia and is certainly home to many up and coming creative designers and brands. If you appreciate culture, sport, music and so much more…you will love Melbourne.

Eat, drink and sip coffee…

Victoria is frequently acknowledged as being Australia’s best location for quality food, wine and coffee. Food and drink is part of the culture and way of life of Victorian people and a visit to Melbourne spoils you for choice of quality food, wine and coffee.

If you really appreciate wine, a Yarra Valley tour may be just what you are after. However, it is not necessary to travel too far at all to experience the wonderful wine of Victoria and to experience this is one of state’s stylish bars or casual, welcoming pubs.

Drawing back on its European feel, it is possible to taste some of the most amazing coffee that you ever will, while you are in Melbourne (and elsewhere in Victoria). Sit, relax and take it in…enjoying a coffee is a particularly ‘Melbourne’ experience!

Victoria and variety go hand in hand and taking the opportunity to experience as much of the state’s variation as possible is always worthwhile. By visiting the Great Ocean Road and city of Melbourne, while ensuring that you taste and enjoy local delicacies, you are well on the way to capitalising on the variety offered in this dynamic part of Australia.

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