Day Tours to Enjoy from Australia’s Capital Cities

When on holiday or otherwise wanting to sightsee in Australia, there is absolutely no shortage of wonderful tours from which to choose. A smorgasbord of tours are offered from Australia’s capital cities and vary in length from an hour or two to whole days and even extended journeys.

Taking day tours from different Australian cities provides a wonderful and very comfortable to way to see some of the highlights of this amazing and very diverse country. Day tours also have the benefit of giving you a taste of what is on offer and frequently pique the interest of travellers to explore different areas or activities in greater depth.

So, what are some of the best day tours that can be taken and enjoyed from Australia’s capital cities?


Great Ocean Road:  Without question, one of the very best tours that a visitor to Victoria can take is a Great Ocean Road tour. This part of Australia is absolutely stunning and features superb national parks, stunning beaches, quaint towns and a breathtaking coastal landscape. The amazing monoliths of the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge are just some of the highlights of such a day tour.

Melbourne tour:  Melbourne is a vibrant, diverse and culturally rich city. It has an incredible history, beautiful gardens and is filled with character and charm that is punctuated by cultures from many parts of the world. A Melbourne tour is a must when visiting Victoria, and spending a day exploring and learning about this fabulous place will always be time well spent.


Barossa Valley:  As the wine capital of Australia, one of the best ways to spend a day in South Australia is to visit one of its beautiful wine regions, and the Barossa Valley is the perfect distance from the city of Adelaide for a day tour. In the Barossa, visitors will experience the richness of the area’s German heritage and taste some of the most amazing wine and food on offer anywhere in the world. Even for those who do not love wine or wine-tasting, the beauty of the Barossa Valley will not fail to impress.


See the city or head further afield:  The geographic location of Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city, makes it an absolutely perfect starting point for a day tour to take you to various locations including the Sunshine Coast, the world-renowned Australia Zoo, the Gold Coast and Hinterland or even Byron Bay. By joining a day tour from Brisbane, it is possible to see and experience some of Queensland’s most incredible regions and attractions beyond the city. Otherwise, seize the opportunity to take a more in-depth tour of the dynamic and popular city of Brisbane.


Blue Mountains:  If you are keen to see more of New South Wales than just the city of Sydney, a day tour of the Blue Mountains is highly recommended. This heritage listed area offers breathtaking scenery, wildlife, some gorgeous towns and absolutely fabulous (and very delicious) places to eat. Some day tours originating from Sydney also include time at the Featherdale Wildlife Park or Jenolan Caves. Regardless of the day tour you choose, you will almost certainly be in awe of the Blue Mountains — the area is definitely worth seeing and experiencing.


Rottnest Island:  Rottnest Island is located in the Indian Ocean and is home to beautiful, secluded beaches and inviting sandy bays, as well as lakes and many different species of animals. Day tours to Rottnest Island can easily be accessed and joined from Perth and will allow you to learn more about the settlement history of Western Australia while enjoying a great day in a supremely beautiful place.

There are many day tours to enjoy from Australia’s capital cities. While the cities themselves are definitely worth exploring, it is a great idea to take the opportunity to see parts of Australia beyond the limits of its cities.

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