The Magestic Great Ocean Road

Gray Line’s Great Ocean Road Day Tour for Cruise Passengers

A visitor from Sweden once asked an Australian tourism website if he could walk from Perth to Sydney. Maybe, he suggested, he could follow the railroad tracks? Certainly, the website responded, it’s only three thousand miles, just be sure to take plenty of water. And they meant a lot of water – according to Google, the most direct route from Perth to Sydney would take 745 hours to walk, or 31 days non-stop, including a well-deserved break on a ferry across the Spencer Gulf.

Visitors and Australians alike are routinely taken aback by the vastness of Australia. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a country whose smallest state is roughly the size of Ireland, and whose largest cattle station is roughly the size of Belgium. The question for travellers is often how to maximise their time in Australia, and cover as much distance as comfortably as they can.

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Best Times of Year to See the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is Australia’s most spectacular and well-renowned road journey — one that every Australian and visitor to Australia must experience at least once in their lifetime. Given the splendour and natural beauty of the entire stretch of highway, the road also sees a significant amount of awestruck travellers come from far and wide just to spend a couple of days exploring the region. If you are planning on a visit and are wondering about the best time of year to come, then read on for some tips that will help you plan your adventure.

Peak season

There is a good reason why the Great Ocean Road experiences a peak season, and that’s because visiting in the summer months of December through to February will leave you captivated. Not only is the divine beauty of the Great Ocean Road even more pronounced at this time of year, but summer is also when you can do all the warm-weather activities, like surfing, swimming, snorkelling, beach lounging and so forth.

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Essential Items for a Great Ocean Road Adventure

The Great Ocean Road is truly one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Whether you are driving in your own car or taking a Great Ocean Road tour, this lovely meander will take your breath away as you pass by the imposing ocean cliffs of Port Campbell National Park, through the lush green forest of Otway National Park, and past some of the most spectacular views of the ocean you’ll ever see. To make the most out of this magnificent drive, you’ll want to take a few days to see it all and bring some of the following essential items.

A Great Ocean Road tour map

There are so many spectacular sights to see along the Great Ocean Road that it would be easy to miss some of them if you didn’t have a proper map. To get a useful map that outlines all of the best points of interest, check out a visitor information centre before you head out. Make sure to circle any highlights you don’t want to miss, such as Bells Beach, Apollo Bay, Otway Lighthouse, Otway National Park and the Twelve Apostles.

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Must See Stops on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a historically significant stretch of highway that winds alongside the wild and windswept Southern Ocean from Torquay to Warrnambool, Victoria. Visitors come from around the world to experience the 243 kilometres of surf beaches, historic ports, forested mountain ranges, magnificent cliffs, national parks, abundant wildlife and perfect vistas. Whether you are planning to explore the entire road on a Great Ocean Road tour or in your car, the following are some of the best spots you absolutely must stop to visit along the way.

Bells Beach

Just after Torquay, diverge from the highway to visit Victoria’s best beaches, namely the iconic Bells Beach. From Melbourne, you can jump on a Great Ocean Road day tour to visit the area, or get there in your own car by turning left onto Bells Boulevard just after the community of Jan Juc. Bells Beach has an international reputation of being one of Australia’s best surf beaches, and whether or not you are into surfing, stopping just to enjoy the view is absolutely worthwhile.

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What You Need to Know When Travelling to Sydney

Travellers to Australia commonly approach their journey with incredible anticipation and excitement. They make lists of ‘must dos’ and ‘must sees’, which typically include adventures such as a boat trip on Sydney Harbour, an organised Melbourne tour, presence at a world-class sporting event, a trip to some wineries, swimming with dolphins and seeing Australia’s amazing flora and fauna.

All of these activities are very worthwhile when visiting Australia, but above all else, time spent in Sydney should be included and prioritised on the itinerary of every traveller. Sydney is a captivating city and, no matter what your age, where you are from in the world or what you want from your holiday, Sydney will surely impress.

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A Short Guide to the Great Otway National Park

Just as no visit to Victoria is complete without a Melbourne tour, no Great Ocean Road tour is complete without a visit to the Great Otway National Park. Covering the distance between Torquay and Princetown and the terrain through the Otways hinterland towards Colac, the Great Otway National Park abounds with beautiful landscapes, scenery and varied experiences.

On a trip to the Great Otway National Park you can expect to see gorgeous beaches, heathlands, rock platforms and numerous kilometres of rugged coastline. The park itself features amazing forests, gullies, lakes and waterfalls — all of which offer spectacular scenery and wonderful opportunities for activity or relaxation.

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4 Fabulous Features of the Great Ocean Road

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road enjoys international recognition as one of the world’s most incredible coastal areas. Not only is the Great Ocean Road beautiful and picturesque, there is plenty to do, see and experience in the area.

One of the best ways to explore or at least be introduced to the area is to take a Great Ocean Road tour. When you join an organised tour you really can relax and enjoy because all of the organisation has been done for you. In reality, you are left with the luxury of being completely able to relax and enjoy what you are seeing and the opportunity to learn about the area.

So, what are some of the Great Ocean Road’s most fabulous features that you can expect to see?

1:  Beaches

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6 Reasons Why You Will Love the Great Ocean Road

Essentially, there is nothing that you will not love about the Great Ocean Road. Not only does a Great Ocean Road tour enable you to take in some of the most beautiful scenery that you will find anywhere in the world, you are bound to find the whole experience relaxing and truly inspiring.

Many visitors to Victoria spend most of their time in Melbourne. There is no denying that Melbourne is one of the globe’s most dynamic and interesting cities and a Melbournetour is highly recommended. Such a tour makes sightseeing in Melbourne all the more informative and you can feel assured that you will see some of the city’s most prominent landmarks and significant places.

Melbourne day tours will introduce you to places such as: Federation Square, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Shrine of Remembrance, the sporting mecca that is the Melbourne Cricket Ground and of course, the city’s most notable shopping, eating and nightlife precincts.

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6 Sights Not to Be Missed on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, spanning more than two hundred kilometres between Geelong and Portland in Victoria, takes in superb coastal scenery, picturesque towns and amazing natural land forms. As a Great Ocean Road tour is undertaken and you travel this remarkable and memorable part of Australia, there are many sights that should definitely not be missed.

Here we take a look at six of the Great Ocean Road’s unmissable sights:

1:  The Twelve Apostles

When images of the Great Ocean Road are shown, the Twelve Apostles tend to feature prominently. Huge limestone formations that protrude from the ocean, the Twelve Apostles are located close to the shoreline and within Port Campbell National Park.

It is interesting to note that the Twelve Apostles were formerly part of Australia’s mainland and were created through erosion in the Southern Ocean.

2:  Beaches

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6 Reasons to Visit the Great Ocean Road

When you consider the spectacular scenery, opportunities for activity and enjoyment and incredible natural features, there are very few reasons not to undertake a Great Ocean Road tour. The Great Ocean Road is a uniquely Australian holiday destination and is unrivalled in all that it offers travellers.

Victoria is one of the most popular Australian states to visit and while Melbourne tours will always be a great place to start your trip the Great Ocean Road is a great next stop – at any time of the year. Here we take a look at six of the very best reasons to visit this most beautiful part of Australia:

1:  Amazing scenic routes

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