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  • Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef at Green Island

Gray Line’s Great Ocean Road Day Tour for Cruise Passengers

A visitor from Sweden once asked an Australian tourism website if he could walk from Perth to Sydney. Maybe, he suggested, he could follow the railroad tracks? Certainly, the website responded, it’s only three thousand miles, just be sure to take plenty of water. And they meant a lot of water – according to Google, the most direct route from Perth to Sydney would take 745 hours to walk, or 31 days non-stop, including a well-deserved break on a ferry across the Spencer Gulf.

Visitors and Australians alike are routinely taken aback by the vastness of Australia. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a country whose smallest state is roughly the size of Ireland, and whose largest cattle station is roughly the size of Belgium. The question for travellers is often how to maximise their time in Australia, and cover as much distance as comfortably as they can.

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Watching the Whales in Australia

Travellers and locals are indeed fortunate that Australia is one of the world’s best locations for whale watching. The months between June and October represent the best time for witnessing large whales in Australian waters. While more than 40 species of whales and dolphins have been identified in Australian waters, it is the enormous and amazing humpback whales that are most often seen.

Whales on the move

The large whales found in the southern hemisphere follow a migration pattern each year that takes them from the cold waters of Antarctica (in which they spend the summer and feed on great amounts of krill) to waters further north that are more temperate and subtropical. In these warmer waters, whales mate and give birth before they head back to the cold waters of the Antarctic at the end of spring.

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Keeping Memories from Big Events

A lot of planning, investment and energy is invested in many holidays and the memories that are created deserve to be not only captured, but cherished for years to come. In fact, holidays are some of the biggest events that people will take or be involved with in their lifetime. While your holiday memories do not have to be taken using the best and most expensive camera and you do not have to be a photography professional, there are some simple and easy tips that can be followed to capture fantastic holiday memories.

1:  Be prepared to capture plenty of shots on your Great Ocean Road tour

Just as you thoughtfully list and determine the clothes and other belongings that will accompany you on holiday, think about the photography and video equipment you need to take. Be sure you have plenty of room on your memory card to capture all of the special moments and memories from your Great Ocean Road tour, Melbourne tour, time on the beaches of the Gold Coast, the magnificence of watching the sunset at Uluru and the many other amazing activities and experiences available on an Australian holiday.

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3 of the Best Ways to Experience Australia’s Stunning Coastline

Australia is renowned for its spectacular coastline and wonderful beaches. In fact, it is the Australian climate and its amazing beaches and waterways that draw many tourists to this country.

When you are on holiday in Australia, chances are you will want to visit the beach and possibly get involved in a variety of water-based activities. There are many great ways to experience Australia’s remarkable coastline and here we look at three of the best locations to visit and activities to do.

1:  The Great Ocean Road

Melbourne city is of course the best known part of the state of Victoria and a Melbourne tour is highly recommended while you are in this part of the country. However, if you want to see stunning Australian coastline, venture out of Melbourne and head for the Great Ocean Road which begins one hour east of Melbourne when travelling by road.

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