Things to See and Do in Melbourne

Melbourne and Sydney are fierce rivals, with each city having its charms and advantages over the other. But it’s easy to like Melbourne, according to A Luxury Travel Blog.

Melbourne’s specialities include coffee, food, football and trams. The latter will get you around the city more quickly than walking and there’s also the bonus of informative commentary as you ride. Jump off at Federation Square, a focal point for all sorts of events and performances in the city. Other notable sights include the Old Melbourne Gaol, the Queen Victoria Market and the National Gallery of Victoria.

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24 Hours in Melbourne

The central business district (CBD) is the place to see if you have only one day in hip Melbourne. Travel + Leisure recommended a walk by the Yarra River in the morning, followed by toasties and coffee at the small Switchboard Cafe.

Before lunch, there’s time for shopping; Melbourne is a fashionable city and you’ll find jewellery, clothes and anything else you could wish to buy in the CBD.

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Gray Line’s Great Ocean Road Day Tour for Cruise Passengers

A visitor from Sweden once asked an Australian tourism website if he could walk from Perth to Sydney. Maybe, he suggested, he could follow the railroad tracks? Certainly, the website responded, it’s only three thousand miles, just be sure to take plenty of water. And they meant a lot of water – according to Google, the most direct route from Perth to Sydney would take 745 hours to walk, or 31 days non-stop, including a well-deserved break on a ferry across the Spencer Gulf.

Visitors and Australians alike are routinely taken aback by the vastness of Australia. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a country whose smallest state is roughly the size of Ireland, and whose largest cattle station is roughly the size of Belgium. The question for travellers is often how to maximise their time in Australia, and cover as much distance as comfortably as they can.

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Seeing the Best of Melbourne in a Single Day

Melbourne is an incredible city. It is often referred to as the cultural, sporting, fashion, food and coffee capital of Australia and, as such, has so much to offer visitors.

There is no shortage of things to see and do in Melbourne and many people choose to spend multiple days enjoying the fabulous atmosphere of this dynamic and beautiful city. However, if time is limited, it is still possible to see many of Melbourne’s highlights in just one day.

Take a Melbourne tour:

If you have just one day in Melbourne, be sure to devote it to a Melbourne day tour. A tour provides you with the opportunity to see the highlights and learn a little about the city; trying to travel around and do it yourself is not an efficient use of time and you are bound to miss out on some very special sights and experiences.

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The Historic Streets of Melbourne

Well-designed and laid-out roads have been an important feature of the City of Melbourne ever since the early days of settlement. In 1837, Sir Richard Bourke, the governor of the Colony of New South Wales, appointed surveyor Robert Hoddle to carry out a full survey of the settlement. Hoddle then went about producing the first surveyor’s plan, which laid out the streets of Melbourne in the positions they are still in today. The grid of roads originated at Batman’s Hill, which would evolve into today’s Melbourne road network.

Today, walking these roads will give you brief glimpses into time past, such as with the cobbled laneways and some of the old architecture that still remains on these now busy streets. There are even many day tours in Melbourne that attract people from all over the world to come and take a trip down memory lane. The following are some of Melbourne’s more historic streets.

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