Hop, Skip, Jump from Melbourne CBD: Get to know our “inner side”!

Take a little break from what you’re doing right now and join me in getting to know some of Melbourne’s funky inner suburbs.
These inner city suburbs I’m about to introduce you to are a stone’s throw from Melbourne CBD making it so easy to access by public transport, on foot, by bicycle and of course, by car if you have it available to you.
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Artsy Melbourne Becoming Australia’s Cultural Hot Spot

While the 2000 Olympics and Opera House have helped to catapult Sydney onto the world stage, recent polls and the vibe on the street indicate that Melbourne is fast becoming the hottest city in Australia.

According to the Herald Sun, much of the credit is due to the rising Melbourne art scene. London, Paris, New York, LA, Rome—these are all cities which have cultivated their own unique artistic spirit. In fact, this is true of most cities which play an important role on the world stage. Melbourne is coming into its own in this sense. While Sydney has the Opera House, Melbourne is becoming renowned for its jazz scene.

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Things to See and Do in Melbourne

Melbourne and Sydney are fierce rivals, with each city having its charms and advantages over the other. But it’s easy to like Melbourne, according to A Luxury Travel Blog.

Melbourne’s specialities include coffee, food, football and trams. The latter will get you around the city more quickly than walking and there’s also the bonus of informative commentary as you ride. Jump off at Federation Square, a focal point for all sorts of events and performances in the city. Other notable sights include the Old Melbourne Gaol, the Queen Victoria Market and the National Gallery of Victoria.

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