How to Enjoy the Variety of Victoria

When you visit Victoria, it is a great idea to take in as many experiences and as the state’s variation as possible. Victoria is a state that is characterised by natural beauty, a truly cosmopolitan and dynamic capital city and some of the best cuisine, coffee and wine found anywhere in the world.

Take in the natural beauty of Victoria…

If you want to see and understand the magnificence of the natural features of Victoria, there is no better way than to take a Great Ocean Road tour. The Great Ocean Road runs against some of the most spectacularly beautiful coastline that you will see anywhere in the world and is flanked by stunning beaches, national parks and gorgeous towns.

It is possible to tour the Great Ocean Road for just one day, or to take a tour that sees you spend one night in the area. Both are great options and provide the access that you need to appreciate the area. Of course, with the information and recommendations provided by an experienced and knowledgeable guide, your experience is enriched and all the more interesting.

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3 Must See Spots When Visiting Victoria

Victoria is a truly incredible and beautiful part of Australia. Visitors are attracted to Victoria for many reasons, including the variety it offers and the opportunity to enjoy world-class experiences.

While you are likely to have identified many desirable and important things that you would like to see while in Victoria, we have narrowed the list down to the three ultimate highlights. If you see nothing else, be sure not to miss the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island and the city of Melbourne.

1:  Great Ocean Road

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road takes in some of the most spectacularly beautiful and breathtaking scenery that you will see anywhere in the world. With stunning beaches, picturesque and charming towns and pristine national parks, the Great Ocean Road area is characterised by diversity and settings that provide some of the most wonderful photographs and memories.

The perfect way to see and experience the area is to take a Great Ocean Road tour. With the benefit of the commentary and guidance of an experienced and informed tour leader, you will be taken to some of the area’s most significant, special and beautiful spots. The commentary of a skilled guide will also enlighten you to some of the history of the area and provide you with recommendations of things to do and places to eat when you have time away from the tour.

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How to Make the Most of a Holiday in Victoria

It is not difficult to enjoy a great holiday in Victoria. In fact, because this state offers so many possibilities and features that are conducive to holidays of all types and purposes, precious few visitors to this beautiful state fail to be impressed.

Doing a little research and planning your time in Victoria, before you leave home, can be a great way to ensure that you make the most of the time that you spend in the state that refers to itself as ‘The Place to Be’.

Be sure to see Melbourne:

Melbourne is steeped in culture and has a dynamic and interesting atmosphere. Often renowned as Australia’s most artistic city, it definitely will please those that have a passion for history, cultural pursuits and the arts. Equally though, Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s most significant sporting events, including: the Australian Open, Melbourne Cup and Formula 1 Grand Prix, as well as incredible food, wine and coffee.

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6 Reasons to Fall in Love with Victoria

What is it about Melbourne that so captivates not only locals, but so many people that travel to the city? There is definitely something about this amazing city that appeals and inspires a diverse cross section of people and sees them return again and again. Melbourne definitely has something for everyone and, by taking a Melbourne tour, you too can get a taste of the variation and inimitable style of this culturally rich city.

There is a seemingly endless number of reasons to fall in love with Melbourne and here we give an overview of six of these.

1:  Energy

Sometimes when you visit a city or any place at all, you feel its energy and atmosphere and know that it is a good place. This is the case with Melbourne.

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