5 Great Reasons to Visit Victoria in the Summertime

Australia is a brilliant place to be during the Summer months. The warmer weather and long days of sunlight seem to bring an atmosphere of excitement and relaxation that is conducive to enjoyment. Of all the Australian states to visit in the Summertime, Victoria is one of the best.

What is it that makes Victoria such a great place to be over the Summer?

1:  Climate

In contrast to some of Australia’s other parts, Victoria usually enjoys a slightly cooler and more comfortable climate. The good news for sun lovers is that you will still find plenty of sunshine and warmth that makes Melbourne tours and journeys to other parts of the state comfortable and a lot of fun.

2:  Great atmosphere

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6 Reasons to Take a Day Tour in Victoria

Victoria is a fabulous place to visit. Not only is it a state of incredible variation, it is also a place of great beauty, cultural and historical significance and modern fashion, food and architecture.

One of the best ways to see different parts of Victoria is by taking a number of different day tours. Melbourne tours, Great Ocean Road tours and Phillip Island tours are highly recommended and provide an excellent way to see different parts of the state.

So why should you take a day tour in Victoria?

1:  Get a taste of what Victoria offers:

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5 of Victoria’s Unmissable Highlights

The decision to visit Victoria will always prove to be a good one! This part of Australia is unique and beautiful and very much alive with a range of different events and activities. The great news for travellers is that regardless of the type of experience you wish to have in Victoria, your needs and aspirations can be accommodated.

While there is so much to do and see in Victoria, here we have narrowed the list down to five of the state’s unmissable highlights.

1:  Melbourne

There is no denying that Melbourne is one of the world’s most amazing and appealing cities. With incredible shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, museums and galleries, the city of Melbourne is indeed vibrant and characterised by diversity.

Without question, one of the best ways to see the city is to take an organised Melbourne tour. A Melbourne sightseeing tour will introduce you to some of the city’s most important, distinctive and recognisable features and will provide you with plenty of useful and relevant information about the city and its attributes.

A quality Melbourne day tour will provoke your excitement and interest in this cosmopolitan city and will, in all likelihood, inspire you to explore the city even further.

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How to Experience the Best of Natural Victoria

Of all the Australian states Victoria arguably has the most stunning natural scenery and green surrounds. With everything from amazing beaches to pristine national parks characterised by incredible biodiversity. Victoria offers something for everybody and their favoured type of natural environment.

Of course, much of the best of Victoria’s natural beauty is to be found outside of its capital city, Melbourne, but it’s incredibly beautiful botanic gardens and other gardens close to the heart of the city mean that much natural beauty is also to be found in the heart of the state’s capital city.

If you are visiting Victoria and are eager to experience the best of its natural features, here we list some of the locations that you are sure to love.

Great Ocean Road:

Visitors and locals alike testify to the fact that the Great Ocean Road offers scenery and an experience that is equal to the best you will experience anywhere in the world. Stretching some 243 kilometres between the towns of Torquay and Warrnambool, Great Ocean Road tours can be taken that give you insight into the area and introduce some of the region’s most picturesque towns, including: Lorne, Apollo Bay and Port Campbell.

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5 of Victoria’s Most Famous Features

A trip to Victoria will provide an extensive and diverse range of sites and features to visit. Victoria is renowned for its sporting culture, together with its dedication to fashion, culture, amazing cuisine and fine wine.

So, what are the best of Victoria’s famous features that should be included on your must see list?

1:  Melbourne city

Melbourne is an enchanting and interesting city. In order to make the most of your time in Melbourne, why not take a Melbourne tour that will introduce you to iconic features, such as: the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Federation Square and the Royal Botanic Gardens?

A Melbourne day trip provides a fantastic springboard from which to explore the city and the perfect opportunity to relax and learn from a knowledgeable tour guide. Local knowledge is important when visiting Melbourne as some of the most intriguing and beautiful places are sometimes obscurely tucked away and are certainly not ‘common knowledge’.

2:  The Great Ocean Road

Victoria is famous for the Great Ocean Road, a stretch of road that takes in some of the most stunning coastline, national parks, enchanting towns and unspoilt areas that you will experience anywhere in the world.

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