The Changing Face of Australia’s Tourist Destinations

Few would argue that Australia is thoroughly deserving of the prominence it enjoys as one of the world’s best tourist destinations. Australia is a country of great variety and diversity and offers an incredible range of holiday options and possibilities.

Popular tourist activities: Great Ocean Road tours and beyond

Parts of Australia have been popular with tourists for many years — the dynamic city of Sydney, the mysterious and culturally significant Uluru and the fun and excitement of the Gold Coast, to name just a few. However, recent trends have shown that Australia’s most favoured and frequented tourist destinations are changing. While activities such as a Melbourne tour, Great Ocean Road tour and beachside vacation continue to be popular with holidaymakers, people are visiting Australia for many different reasons and purposes.

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Travelling Between Australia’s Capital Cities

One of the things that distinguishes Australia from other parts of the world is the space and distance of the country. While many people are familiar with the names and possibly even the locations of some of Australia’s capital cities, fewer people realise that thousands of kilometres separate some of these cities from one another.

Why take a tour in Australia?

‘The tyranny of distance’ can be quite apparent in Australia and so it is important to undertake careful research and put plans in place to negotiate your travels between the nation’s capital cities. There is no denying that Australia’s capital cities are amazing and well worth your time and exploration. To maximise what you see and learn, take an organised and professionally provided Melbourne tour, Sydney tour or Adelaide tour and be introduced to some of the most incredible sights and experiences to be had anywhere in the world.

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Why Ayers Rock Was Changed Back to Uluru

Uluru, one of Australia’s most famous and immediately recognisable landmarks, was more widely known as ‘Ayers Rock’ for a number of years. In fact, many Australians grew up knowing Uluru by only the name of Ayers Rock. This red monolith is not only spectacular, awe-inspiring and massive, it is also shrouded in quite a lot of history that serves to fascinate and intrigue locals and visitors.

Just as a Great Ocean Road tour in Victoria will introduce you to landmarks and sites of incredible beauty and cultural significance, experiencing the majesty and learning more about Uluru is an experience not to be missed.

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Lesser Known Australian Wonders

Australia is internationally famous for many of its attractions — the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House and the Gold Coast are just a few famous examples. However, there are many other parts and features of Australia that are less well known but just as worthy of a visit. In fact, a visit to these places is often more enjoyable and memorable, because they may well be less crowded and hectic and, as such, you have an opportunity to experience these wonders in a less pressured and more calm and peaceful way.

Tours offer a great way to be introduced to Australia’s most famous cities, and taking an organised  Melbourne tour, Sydney tour or tour of any of the country’s other capital cities is an ideal way to see and learn about many of the country’s most famous (and not so famous) features.

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Short Guide to Kakadu National Park

When travelling to Australia, there are particular icons and sites that feature prominently on people’s wish lists and provide many wonderful, lifelong memories. For example, a Great Ocean Road tour exposes travellers to some amazing sites of natural beauty and definite charm, the Great Barrier Reef provides an outstanding display of marine life and colours and Tasmania offers breathtaking scenery that encourages relaxation.

Kakadu National Park features prominently as a ‘must see’ destination for a huge number of travellers and this hardly comes as a surprise. Without question, Kakadu is a national icon, a site of incredible natural beauty and, for many people, a place that showcases the diversity and wonder of Australian flora and fauna.

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